What SPOT level we need to use for recovey of system through mksysb via NIM?


             We are patching  AIX server from 5200-10-05-0819  to 5200-10-06-0819 .
                                         AIX server from 5300-07-03-0811 to 5300-08-03-0811.  System didn't boot after patching . We are thinking the system to recover from mksysb image via nim. which spot i need to select on NIM  for these servers ?
Available SPOTS in our nim servers are

5_2_6spot           resources       spot                               
                           5_3_2spot           resources       spot                               
                           53tl05sp06          resources       spot                               
                           warusbwp02_spot     resources       spot                               
                           spot_aix52_rml9     resources       spot                               
                           53tl06sp03_spot     resources       spot                               
                           538_sp2_spot        resources       spot    

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One that you did before patching...
rammaghentharAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your gheist .
We didn't do patching through NIM server . Only for recovery we are going to use nim server ? I am not sure for 5200-10-05-0819  ,and this 5300-07-03-0811 levels which spot I can use which is available in our server NIM server ? which one we can use ?
You can use either of them. I am not making IBM patches nor I know at what time you did the damage.
I read in another post you suspect microcodes - so boost them up, they fix data losses traditionally...
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Hi again rammaghenthar,
it's best you create a new SPOT from the mksysb you plan to use for recovery,
Simply enter 'smit nim_mkres', select 'spot',
fill in the gaps  (source of install images : [your mksysb]) and go!

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rammaghentharAuthor Commented:
Hi woolmilkporc
          If I create the SPOT from the mksysb,can I use that SPOT to another system recovery which is having same level ?
SPOT is difference from generic installation. It will not install on newer system.
Basically, gheist is right, but I would try using it nevertheless.
I'd expect it would work.
(You don't install a SPOT. It is only used as a 'temporary' /usr filesystem during recovery.)
rammaghentharAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your reply woolmilkporc and gheist. I had got information from my colleaque saying that  version of mksysb image and version of SPOT which i am using for recovery should be same or version of spot should not be less than mksysb version. I haven't had confidence with this info that is why I asked this question. and we have space issue in NIM server also. To Create new SPOT we need to delete existing SPOT. That is condition that is why I asked this question.
We can't know what your naming convention for SPOTs is.
If would suggest throwing away all your SPOTs and create new ones as needed.
This way you can also give the new SPOT some meanigful name.
To see at which level a SPOT is, you could use as a rather untrustworthy workaround
nim -o showres [your_mksysb_resource] and search the output for 'bos.rte ' to see its version.
I, for one, wouldn't rely on that.
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