How to maintain a session whilst using Web Reference from a VB app.

Posted on 2008-10-18
Last Modified: 2013-11-07
We are using to consume a WSRP web service on a J Boss Java Application Server.

We have loaded the web service as a Web Reference in Visual Studio 2005 and all of the objects are exposed and works well. Until we pass through a second request or return data, this then seems to activate a new session for every Web Page.

However WSRP requires that the user session is maintained that is passed back in the response

Cookie: JSESSIONID=8B38B5A866EB5413A816A70AC7D4AA01

How can I tie the SOAP session to the users web session?

How can I configure the web reference to maintain the session state?
'Registration This can be reused

                Dim oqReg As New JbossWSRP.WSRP_v1_Registration_Binding_SOAP

                Dim oqRegCtx As JbossWSRP.RegistrationContext

                If MyBase.goApp("JbossReg") Is Nothing Then

                    Dim oqRegD As JbossWSRP.RegistrationData = New JbossWSRP.RegistrationData

                    oqRegD.consumerName = "EonicConsumer13"

                    oqRegD.consumerAgent = "EonicWeb.4.1"

                    oqRegD.methodGetSupported = False

                    oqRegCtx = oqReg.register(oqRegD)

                    MyBase.goApp("JbossReg") = oqRegCtx


                    oqRegCtx = MyBase.goApp("JbossReg")

                End If


                Dim oqMarkup As New JbossWSRP.WSRP_v1_Markup_Binding_SOAP

                Dim oqPortCtx As JbossWSRP.PortletContext = New JbossWSRP.PortletContext

                oqPortCtx.portletHandle = "quotation.ShippingPlusQuotationPortlet"

                Dim oqRunCtx As JbossWSRP.RuntimeContext = New JbossWSRP.RuntimeContext

                oqRunCtx.userAuthentication = "wsrp:none"

                oqRunCtx.portletInstanceKey = "shipinstance"

                oqRunCtx.namespacePrefix = "ship_namespace"

                Dim oqUserCtx As JbossWSRP.UserContext = New JbossWSRP.UserContext

                oqUserCtx.userContextKey = "1"

                Dim oMarkParams As JbossWSRP.MarkupParams = New JbossWSRP.MarkupParams

                oMarkParams.secureClientCommunication = False

                Dim aLocale(0) As String

                aLocale(0) = "en-GB"

                oMarkParams.locales = aLocale

                Dim aMimeTypes(0) As String

                aMimeTypes(0) = "text/html"

                oMarkParams.mimeTypes = aMimeTypes

                oMarkParams.mode = "wsrp:view"

                oMarkParams.windowState = "wsrp:normal"

                Dim oClientData As JbossWSRP.ClientData = New JbossWSRP.ClientData

                oClientData.userAgent = "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.5; en-GB; rv: Gecko/2008092414 Firefox/3.0.3"

                oMarkParams.clientData = oClientData

                'Interaction Params

                If moRequest.Form.Count > 0 Then

                    'if we have a form submit the values

                    Dim oqInteract As JbossWSRP.InteractionParams = New JbossWSRP.InteractionParams

                    oqInteract.portletStateChange = JbossWSRP.StateChange.cloneBeforeWrite

                    Dim oqNamedString(moRequest.Form.Count) As JbossWSRP.NamedString

                    Dim item As Object

                    Dim i As Long = 0

                    For Each item In moRequest.Form

                        oqNamedString(i) = New JbossWSRP.NamedString

                        oqNamedString(i).name = CStr(item)

                        oqNamedString(i).value = moRequest.Form(CStr(item))

                        i = i + 1


                    oqInteract.formParameters = oqNamedString

                    Dim oqBLKResponse As JbossWSRP.BlockingInteractionResponse

                    Dim oqBlkInt As JbossWSRP.performBlockingInteraction = New JbossWSRP.performBlockingInteraction

                    oqBlkInt.portletContext = oqPortCtx

                    oqBlkInt.registrationContext = oqRegCtx

                    oqBlkInt.markupParams = oMarkParams

                    oqBlkInt.userContext = oqUserCtx

                    oqBlkInt.runtimeContext = oqRunCtx

                    oqBlkInt.interactionParams = oqInteract

                    oqBLKResponse = oqMarkup.performBlockingInteraction(oqBlkInt)

                End If

                Dim oqResponse As JbossWSRP.MarkupResponse

                Dim oqGetMarkup As JbossWSRP.getMarkup = New JbossWSRP.getMarkup()

                oqGetMarkup.portletContext = oqPortCtx

                oqGetMarkup.registrationContext = oqRegCtx

                oqGetMarkup.markupParams = oMarkParams

                oqGetMarkup.userContext = oqUserCtx

                oqGetMarkup.runtimeContext = oqRunCtx

                oqResponse = oqMarkup.getMarkup(oqGetMarkup)

                sResponse = oqResponse.markupContext.markupString

                oCNode.InnerXml = sResponse

                'Strip out the form Submission URL

                Dim oFormElmt As XmlElement

                oFormElmt = oCNode.SelectSingleNode("form")

                If Not (oFormElmt Is Nothing) Then

                    oFormElmt.SetAttribute("action", "")

                End If

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We have now written our own native SOAP handler to deal with this specific issue.

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