IOS upgrade via TFTP

I am upgrading my corporate PIX 515 to 7.2(4)9 to address some vulnerabilities. I have the new image downloaded into my root directory of the TFTP server on my laptop. Once I try to copy the image over to the PIX I get the following error:

WARNING: TFTP download incomplete
Error reading tftp:// (unspecified error)

I am using the "copy tftp flash" command for my upgrade
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PugglewuggleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, the problem is more than likely that your flash is too small.
What tftp server are you using? I had this issue before using TFTPD and this happend quite frequently. Switch to Solarwinds TFTP (Free) and see what happens.
dtadminAuthor Commented:
I am using TFTPd. I will try the solarwinds version. Thanks!!
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dtadminAuthor Commented:
I tried the solarwinds tftp server and got a different error:

timed out attempting to connect

I can ping the pix from my laptop
I can ping my laptop from the pix
The solarwinds tftp server service is started
Try doing it in monitor mode
HAve you checked that enough flash space is available ?
#show flash
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