In Digital Camera's What does the word "Burst" Mean.


In Digital Camera's What does the word "Burst" Mean.
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

For the camera operator, it means being able to shoot a string of fast shots one after another, typically without letting up on the shutter release. For the camera itself, it usually means storing those images in internal camera memory (the buffer), and the limit of the burst is how many images can be shot before the camera buffer is full and the camera has to start transferring images to the data card. Usually two metrics are given, number of images at a given resolution, and number of images per second while in burst mode.

Usually once a burst has filled the camera buffer, it may be a few minutes before you can shoot again, while the camera empties the buffer to the data card.

Do you ever watch celebrities arrive on the red carpet at the Oscars? You know that constant insane clicking you hear when Jessica Albas top falls of? Thats dozens of paparazzi taking photos in burst mode& very frantically.

Burst mode, also known as continuous shooting mode, is where you take multiple photos in quick succession with the same settings. You line up your camera as if you were going to take a single photo, but by being in burst mode and holding down the shutter button, you can take multiple shots
sk_raja_rajaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.Why You Should use Burst Mode

æMore Shots to Choose From - Everyones taken a shot where it wouldve been better if it was just a quarter-second later. That distracting child would have run out of the frame or the famous cyclist wouldnt have a fencepost sticking out of his head.
æBetter Action Shots - When you shoot in burst mode, you have more frames to choose from. I often find that with camera shake, one of my three shots in burst is noticeably sharper.
æComposite Motion Shots - You can use these bursts of a complicated action being performed to make a great composite shot. Thats where you layer a bunch of photos together, so that you can see the skater perform the beginning, middle, and end of their trick.

2.Its a Waste of Space - You burn through the space on your CompactFlash card incredibly fast. Ive got a two gig card that holds about 200 photos in RAW mode. If Im taking 3-5 shots of each setup, that cuts my total number of potential different setups down to 40. Thats a massive jump. Youll need bigger digital memory cards or to download them more often.
æYour Batteries Dont Last - Just the same as you burn through space on your CF card, youll burn through your battery life noticeable faster. Its not as dramatic a difference as with the memory cards, but its still noticeable and you should take it into account.
æYoure More Likely to Shoot & Pray - People who shoot in burst mode have a marked tendency towards frantically snapping shots and hoping one of them comes out. There is less planning or waiting involved. While this can sometimes result in a stunning photo, more often than not you just get a lot of mediocrity. If you cant control that desire, this can be a big drawback.

3.Positives: 1) when shooting stock, burst mode allows you to have multiple images that lare almost identical should someone want to buy exclusive rights to an image (a friend had this happen, and he was able to replace the exclusive purchased image with one taken 1/10 of a second later that was almost identical) 2) when taking photos of large groups (especially children) burst is the only way to get an image with everyones eyes open and looking (mostly) in the same direction.

4.Negatives: 1) When shooting with a flash, you tyipcally need to turn burst off. Unless you use an external battery pack, the cycle time for the flash will mean that the flash will only fire on one of your 3-4 shots. 2) when shooting in a studio with studio lighting, youll want to turn off burst again because of the flashes. Studio strobes might recharge faster, but this can lead them to overheat&
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