How can I receive e-mails on iPhone through Barracuda spam filter and SonicWall?

I have an exchange 2003 server and a SonicWall NSA 3500. I am trying to make iPhones on my network continue to send and receive e-mails when I enable a Brracuda spam filter 300. I had enabled the spam filter, but the iphones stopped sending and receiving e-mails. However, outlook on computers were doing fine and my BlackBerry phone had no problems sending or receiving e-mails. The spam filter has a private IP address, but it was able to filter e-mails before they reach my exchange server. I made sure that only port 25 is forwarded to the spam filter.
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Go ahead and reference this link as it will assist you in the further configuration for the Iphone and BSF

Let me know if you need any further specifics on this setup.

bobox00Author Commented:
This solution if for outgoing e-mail. The barracuda is not configured to filter our outgoing e-mails.
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This solution supports the trusted relay to allow communication with the Iphone.

This solution will allow you to send outgoing messages from the iphone as it has to relay through the spam firewall first and then to the Exchange and then back out your External Firewall to the outside intended destination server. (hence the misleading solution)

The Iphone by default is configured to to send out messages on port 587 and the spam firewall is only accepting connections on port 25.

As in the solution, you may need to either create a Nat'd policy on the firewall to forward all port 587 traffic to the barracuda or change it on the Iphone to send out through port 25.

With all this being said, probably need to verify that your using POP3 or IMAP as the Barracuda would cause issues with sending mail but not receiving, especially since your not filtering outbound mail.

Once this configured then you should be able to see email hitting the spam firewall in the message log, and then you will be able to better understand it as either it will be an allowed message or become Deferred due to sender timeout.

Hopefully this was able to clear it up a little bit. Please let me know if theres anything more you dont understand or I can point you in the right direction of

??? The Baracuda device shouldn't alter anything.

The iPhone works with your Exchange OMA.  Can you go to https://yourwebsite/oma where OMA is installed from a computer?  If not - that is the issue.

So, you ideally need to be using HTTPS for your OMA.  This is running on port 443 so you need to have port forwarding for the public IP on that port to your Exchange server.  You still need OMA to be running on port 80 locally for this to work - but you do NOT need to forward port 80 on the NSA 3500.
PS..  I am assuming you are using the push mail facility for iPhone, not POP3 or IMAP.
In regards to the comment with going through the OMA if using the push mail, you also have the capability to use port forwarding on the spam firewall,

Go to Advanced Ip configuration and then forward all port 80/443 traffic from the push mail directly to the port 25/mail server. You will of course need to make sure from the external firewall, that all OMA traffic as is forwarded to the BSF and then it will just forwarded throught the Barracuda.

This Method is definitely not recommended due to the fact No mail will be scanned but only virus scanned.

It is the recommended method to switch over to the IMAP/POP if not already in order to perform SMTP/LDAP authentication for Recipient verification.
bobox00Author Commented:
I had to make sure only port 25 was forwarded to my spam filter on the firewall.

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