6509 and routing between local VLANS

OK, I ask this question last week, and have made progress.....

I have a 6509 with SUP2 MSFC2
48 port line card.
I can't get Clients directly connected in 2 seperate VLANs to communicate.

I have a concurrent project going and I upgraded the SUP2s to Native IOS, and while doing that Upgraded my SUP2 as well.

IN that chasis, my card routes perfectly.
Move the cards back to the original 6509 chasis and host a on vlan 2 cannot ping host b on vlan 3.

Put the cards back in the other Chasis works great.

Both Chasis seem to be the same, Power supples don't complain.

It there a backplane jumper anything that could be missing?

AGAIN READ the QESTION before you ask for configs....
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pra12456-netConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well as I learned long ago when I was a radar tech in the Marines, visual inspection is always the first step.  Pulled everything out of the 6509 and found way down in slot 8 which we were not using and covered with a blank slot cover, was the edge of the connector was crushed straighened it out, put it back together and everyhting worked.

For those of you asking for configs, if you read the question you would not have needed the configs.  Like talking to TAC, they can't get a drink of water without a web ex session ro a config emailed to them.
Well, I read this carefully, but I still would check the routing configs.
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
There is no backplane jumpering or anything else that is done with hardware when migrating from hybrid mode to native mode.

Reasons why one VLAN can't ping the other:

Wrong IP address/mask/default gateway on hosts.
Wrong IP address on VLAN interface
VLAN interface shutdown
VLAN not created
Port in wrong VLAN
Port shutdown

And whole bunch more...

It would REALLY help to see the config.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I understand you correctly, you moved the sup and line card to another chassis and performed an upgrade from  hybrid to native mode.
Then you moved the sup and line card back to the other chassis and now it does not work.

Look carefully and make sure one chassis is not "E" series - i.e. 6509-E
Are you putting the SUP in the same slot in both chassis?
Are you putting the line card in the same slot in both chassis? If not, the port numbering is different and none of your vlan assignements are the same.
Why did you move them to another chassis to perform the upgrade?

pra12456-netAuthor Commented:
I have two projects going at the same time.

1.  project one was just to get the 6509 routing, don't care hybrid mode or IOS.

2.  project two was to upgrade to IOS for another customer

Project two went easily, so I grabbed the sup and did it too.

And as I said, was working, moved the cards back to the chassis originally starting in and don't work, and yes same exact slots.

Neither is a 6509 E chassis.

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Can't do anything else without configuration info.
Visual inspection of the config is the first step. "The config"  includes both the software config and the hardware setup; cards, arrangement, connections, etc.
You would seem to be making some unwarranted assumptions.

Config issues are generally easiest to rule out, so it is natural that they be considered on a forum like EE before  unusual cases  like bad chassis, or  messed-up-slot.

We cannot see your hardware, so if you tell us you inspected the chassis
and they seem the same,  there's nothing left but the software config and diagnostic output,  which can rule out config issues and show if there is likely to be a hardware defect.

Keep in mind the software config can in fact change when you move hardware.
And naturally if there is a hardware problem, the software may not work correctly.

Even when it seems to be working,  software diagnostic output should in fact be checked and verified.
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