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Created business card from an image using GIMP. Now the DPI is too low (72) and needs to be at Least (300) to create the card. Anybody know how i can take an existing image and up the DPI...?

Hello all! So this is me problem. I copy and saved an image from the web (got permission from the creator), and ended up loving it so much i created a business card using the image for the background. I created the card and edited the image using GIMP. Now, i go to upload the image to an online business card making site (Vistaprint.com) but they tell me the image DPI is too low (72), and has to be at least (300) to print the card. :-( So now, after hours and hours of work putting together this card, is there any way to salvage it by upping the DPI to 300? Was hoping there might be some freeware out there by some miracle of the Gods that would allow me to up the DPI of existing digital images. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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1 Solution
You can do it in GIMP: Image > Print Size.

There you can enter the resolution and look how the size in, e.g. milimeters, changes.

This works if you have enought pixels... If you want resolution 300dpi, for a 3" wide business card, your image has to be 3 x 300 = 900 pixels wide. How many pixels your work has, you can see by pressing alt+enter.

I hope, this will help you. If you have less pixels, a program (in our case GIMP) has to make (calculate) new pixels... In that case, I am interested how big your original image was (is :-)), as I hope you have the original).
I think brundo alluded to this, but just to be sure you understand: it is always better to go from higher resolution to a lower resolution. It is always possible to 'res up' a lower resolution image to a higher resolution image, but it will often look jaggy or blurry because basically you have already lost the detail that a higher resolution image would have. It all depends upon the image(s) of course, but if there is anyway you could re-create it starting with high resolution your final printed cards will look MUCH better. FWIW
Yes, the complete scenario is as follows:
  1. if there are enough pixels to achieve the desired width (and height) even by bigger resolution, it is very good - just change resolution in the print size dialog box
  2. if the original picture is enough big (in pixels), it can be taken and:
    1. in better case, if the business card is saved in XCF format (with the "important picture" in one layer), only one layer can be replaced - it is very good, too
    2. in worse case, the business card has to be made once again - not so bad
  3. if there is no big picture, small picture or the whole business card should be enlarged - is is, as BongSoo wrote, the worst case.
We are still waiting for the business card size in pixels, and hope MisfitDevil99 will end at situation 1 :-))
MisfitDevil99Author Commented:
Hey brundo, thank you so much for helping out. I was able to go into Image > Print Size... etc. as you suggested and it worked GREAT! Thank you again, and sorry for taking so long to get back to you, i've been DSL-less here lately due to "unknown" errors by my provider... "RRRGH!!!" lol.

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