Secure data transmission from ASP.NET pages


I would like to build a page to capture some sensitive information that shouldnt end up in the hands on wrong people (:-))

I will be also provide login facilities for people entering these info on the page.

How can i secure both the login details and sensitive data

Is there any encryption and stuff available for ASP.Net


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All you need to do is use SSL on the web server.

This will secure the connection from the user to the server.

After that if you think the security on your server may be an issue you can store the data gathered in an encrypted format.
.net does have excellent support for crytography built in.
Normally user passwords would be encrypted using a one way hashing function.  You store this encrypted version of the user password in your database, then when a user login occurs you simply hash the input password and compare the result with the hashed password which you have stored. This way the users password is never exposed.

This site has some good info on the .net cryptography namespace which should get you started.

If you are using SQL Server 2005 or later you may want to consider using the built in crypto features it can provide on specific columns or tables.

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justin_smithAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone....

most of the crypto stuff give me a shield between the web server and the database..

i may be wrong here.. if i use just HTTP the username and password will be cleartext.

When you say SSL, i have to use HTTPS.. is it ok even if dont posses a valid digital certificate?
Yes you will need to use HTTPS
justin_smithAuthor Commented:
ok.. the security side functionality will still work even if i use HTTPS without a valid certificate
Yes it will however the users browser will complain that the certificates aren't valid.
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