Video spike-like artifacts in 3-d graphics

Since installing this adapter in my PC, Google Earth exhibits what I would call 'spikes' sticking out of the earth image, and in all subsequent GE navigations.  (Image attached)

So, I went to NVidia's control panel option "Adjust image settings with preview", and it also has these strange spikes sticking out of the rotating image.

No settings changes seem to fix this problem.  I've installed the latest drivers for this card - no improvement.
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It looks like a driver problem - sometimes, the latest drivers introduce a new problem while fixing an old one.  I would suggest going farther back and using an older driver.
I agree
I've seen similar corruption on the background on spikes.bmp and it was a faulty video card. Have you got another PC you can try the card on? You could also try reseating the card, its sometimes pretty hard pressing the card completely home.
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spangdeltaITAuthor Commented:
1.  I've tried every driver I can find that will install (Dell's NVidia drivers, apparently tuned to individual Dell models, won't install - none match my PC hardware (Optiplex 745)).  NVidia doesn't seem to have any driver archive.  I've tried Versions 175.19 and 178.24.

3.  The card is seated properly.

I've turned off "Enable Write Combining" (Control Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced/Troubleshoot) as suggested by another forum - no change.
I'm betting it's a faulty card, can you try it in another PC?
spangdeltaITAuthor Commented:
No help.
so it works OK in another PC. Are you using the same drivers in both PC's? How much ram does the other PC have vs the Dell?
as I've said: I believe it's a faulty card, I've advised trying it out in another system to confirm my beliefs, however, as I've now learned that the author doesn't have another system to test it. I suggest he takes the card down to his local computer shop. I'm sure they would gladly confirm the card is (or not faulty) and sell them a new one. It's wrong to say there are "no viable solutions": the solution is the card is probably faulty and should be replaced.
I had a glitch that produced similar anomalies WAY back in the 3DFX Voodoo days and it was a drivers issue.

But I agree:
It's wrong to say there is "no help" here when the real problem is the Asker isn't capable or willing to do the physical part for the Experts.


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Have you tried this on a more demanding 3d app?

If not, please try that.

It sounds like an overheating issue, or does it begin like that and not do so progressively?

If it begins as such, try downrev drivers.

Try to run this with your PC open, Dell machines are notorious for having heating issues for anything more than what you plan on running. The needed cooling comes effective where it is needed, any seperately installed parts do not function correctly with their proprietary cooling setup.

(It uses ducting to direct cooling to specific areas)

If this does not assist, the card is more than likely bad and should be taken to a local PC shop. They will indeed gladly assist you in replacing, if need be.

If you bought this card online, please do RMA the card and have the retailer do an RCA (If they will do one)

Also, do not forget to call nVidia on this issue and see what they have to say to this. You might be able to RMA it to them if still under warranty and you haven't tampered with the card accordingly.

To Recap:

Heavier load, if still persists
Drivers/Open case, if still persists
Drivers/Open Case (Whichever you did not do previously) If still persists,

Be sure to note if it is progressive or immediate (Try running 3d app immediately upon startup), call nVidia and try to troubleshoot the issue.

Please do not say insufficient support has been given here to keep your points. You have given insufficient data and unfair practice like this is frowned upon.


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Enterprise Experience
I think it's a driver issue, but unless this card was tested with something like a live Linux CD, it's difficult to narrow down.  It could also be a hardware problem, but without further testing it can't be determined.  Therefore, I think this question has very little usefulness for future readers and should be deleted without a refund, as there was very little response to the comments of experts.
I covered bases in detail, requesting more info,

I think all relevant posts should get a part.

We don't know who was on the ball and who wasn't.

For all we know a motherboard driver could be causing the issue
I'm in agreement with Callandor.
Asker didn't do the physical part of troubleshooting so no useful information was created. Is all speculation here.
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