Home network Vista wifi laptop can't see cabled XP PC

I have a problem which is the same as one already posted but alas the solution doesn't work for me!

On my home network I have an XP PC Dell (Dimension 2400,) a Vista PC (Dell Dimension 9200) which are cabled via a Linksys WAG160N modem/router and a Vista laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525) which connects by wifi. The XP machine and the Dimension 9200 see all three machines and can print on each other's printers. However, nomatter what I do, I cannot get the laptop to see the XP machine.

I have downloaded SP3 so I know that th LLTD responder has been installed. Sharing is turned on, as is Network Discovery on the laptop and the network is set to Private.

I have changed the SP machines workgroup from MSHOME to WORKGROUP.

The XP machine uses a Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller and I wonder if there is something wrong with that. I have downloaded the latest driver but I get the report that I am already using the latest one.

I cannot ping the XP Dell 2400 machine from the laptop but I can from the Vista Dimension 9200.

Any help very welcome.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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can your laptop see the Vista Machine?
also, instead of browsing, are you typing in the XP machine's name directly?   Open Explorer > in the address bar type \\computerName

wherre computerName is the name of the XP machine
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kenny1870Author Commented:
My laptop can see my Vista machine OK.  When I type \\KEN-PC (the name of my XP machine) in Internet Explorer I get the error message: "Windows cannot find 'KEN-PC', check the spelling and try again.  

I have spelt the name right and it appears correctly on the Vista PC. I can ping the XP machine from the Vista machjne both using 'ping KEN_PC'  and Ping
sorry for the confusion,  ... you should type \\ken-pc in explorer, not Internet Explorer

To open explorer: right-click on the Start button > Explore
kenny1870Author Commented:
The fault it mine I assumed IE.! There is no Explorer when I click the start button (I have Vista Home Premium) so I used the Windows key - E shortcut. When I type \\KEN-PC inI get the same error: "Windows cannot find 'KEN-PC', check the spelling and try again.  

I have also made another discovery. The two PCs can access each other's shared folders and printers but they cannot access the laptop. However although the laptop 'sees' the Vista PC (ERICK-PC) I get the same error if I type in the other Vista machine \\ERICK-PC in Explorer. Clicking on 'Diagnose' simply says the problem can't be repaired automatically and to contact my ISP or Systems Administrator! There is absolutely nothing wrong with my Internet connection.
kenny1870Author Commented:
I have solved the problem!  It was caused by the firewall in Kaspersky KIS2009. In the firewall settings on the network tab the router and wifi were set to public instead of local.
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