Random Images with hyperlink to the actual corresponding product page.

Hello. What I am wanting to do is have random images rotate on my index page. I'm wanting these images to be hyperlinks to the corresponding products page. I've tried 2 different way of doing it. The first is easier for me to understand (not 100% but closer). The second I don't understand as much because the function is different. The code is like this (I added the link array at top for reffernce on the 2nd script below) but how do I change the function at the bottom to have the corresponding links with the images matched up together?

Thanks for your help!!

I have this which isn't rotating pictures but the link works:
function random_imglink(){
var myimages=new Array()
//specify random images below. You can have as many as you wish
//specify corresponding links below
var imagelinks=new Array()
var ry=Math.floor(Math.random()*myimages.length)
if (ry==0)
document.write('<a href='+'"'+imagelinks[ry]+'"'+'><img src="'+myimages[ry]+'" border=0></a>')
Second try below
Or I have this which rotates images but I'm not sure how to add the link var to the function at bottom:
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- Begin
var imagelinks=new Array()
var interval = 2.5; // delay between rotating images (in seconds)
var random_display = 1; // 0 = no, 1 = yes
interval *= 1500;
var image_index = 0;
image_list = new Array();
image_list[image_index++] = new imageItem("../new/images/cc/random_images/4719lr.jpg");
image_list[image_index++] = new imageItem("../new/images/cc/random_images/6754lr.jpg");
image_list[image_index++] = new imageItem("../new/images/cc/random_images/71HHGlr.jpg");
var number_of_image = image_list.length;
function imageItem(image_location) {
this.image_item = new Image();
this.image_item.src = image_location;
function get_ImageItemLocation(imageObj) {
function generate(x, y) {
var range = y - x + 1;
return Math.floor(Math.random() * range) + x;
function getNextImage() {
if (random_display) {
image_index = generate(0, number_of_image-1);
else {
image_index = (image_index+1) % number_of_image;
var new_image = get_ImageItemLocation(image_list[image_index]);
function rotateImage(place) {
var new_image = getNextImage();
document[place].src = new_image;
var recur_call = "rotateImage('"+place+"')";
setTimeout(recur_call, interval);
//  End -->

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Guest85Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Got the links working other than the images are no longer random. They appear in a ordered list/sequence one after another. Any help on implementing the images to a random sequence

   <script type="text/javascript">
     rotating_images = new Array();
	  rotating_images.push(new RotatingImage('../new/images/cc/random_images/pic1.jpg','http://www.link1.com'));
      rotating_images.push(new RotatingImage('../new/images/cc/random_images/pic2.jpg','http://www.link2.com'));
      rotating_images.push(new RotatingImage('../new/images/cc/random_images/pic3.jpg','http://www.link3.com'));
      var active_image_delay = 3; //in seconds
      var active_image_index = 0;
      function rotateImages() {
        if (!document.getElementById('my_images') || rotating_images.length < 1) return;
        var new_image_code = '';
        new_image = document.createElement('IMG');
        new_image.src = rotating_images[active_image_index].image;
        new_image.border = "0";
        new_link = document.createElement('A');
        new_link.href = rotating_images[active_image_index].url;
        if (document.getElementById('my_images').hasChildNodes() ) {
          while (document.getElementById('my_images').childNodes.length >= 1 ) {
            document.getElementById('my_images').removeChild(document.getElementById('my_images').firstChild );
        active_image_index = (active_image_index+1)%rotating_images.length;
	  function RotatingImage (image_url, url) {
        this.image = image_url;
        this.url = url;
<body onLoad="rotateImages();">
<div id="my_images" align="center"></div>

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Simply use this construction --

<A href="http://www.link1.com"><IMG src="new/images/cc/random_images/4719lr.jpg"></A>

with the link encasing the image, you cannot get dis-synchronized, and the image clicked makes the link.
Guest85Author Commented:
I don't think that will work with JavaScript and random images cycling from one to another?
Guest85Author Commented:
Let me elaborate a little.

The first example displays a random picture with the correct link associated with the picture. The only problem is the script doesn't automatically reload another random image without a refresh. If you hit refresh and reload the page you will get a different random image with a link.

The second example randomly changes the images on the page every 6 seconds or so. The only thing about this one is I'm not sure how to associate this function with the links and make it work. I've tried a few things but can't get it to work.

What I'm wanting is a combination of the two. I want a random picture with its corresponding link when clicked. If this image isn't clicked I want it to change or cycle from one of the random linked pictures to another.

Hope this clarified things a little. Let me know if you don't understand.
Guest85Author Commented:
I figured it out using the above code. Please accept as my own solution and refund points or w/e.
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