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soap::lite  passing xml data to perl script.

Posted on 2008-10-20
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
Hi, I am writing a soap::lite client to send/receive xml request to a .net web service.
problem is the xml request is getting very complicated and deep. Its there a way to import a pre made xml file to the perl script and have the script create the body of the request from the xml file?
Thanks rob.
Question by:robids
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Expert Comment

ID: 22767028
Hi !

I'm not sure what you want do.

Maybe with the module : XML::Parser

Best Regards

Author Comment

ID: 22767061
Hi.  I need to send/receive xml request to a .net web service using soap:lite
below is the xml file that i need to send via soap::lite to the .net web sevice.






<TrackData method="swiped">
B4012002000060016 VI TEST CREDIT251210118039000000000396




how do i pass this xml file to the perl script???
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Expert Comment

ID: 22767268
> how do i pass this xml file to the perl script???
no, you perl script reads the file content and passes it as HTTP message body to the corresponding URL
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Author Comment

ID: 22769168
OK, Thats my question. How is this done?. I need to pass the data to the script so the data can be sent via the soap::lite mxl request to the .net webserver.
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Expert Comment

ID: 22769807
as long as you do not provide the code you have done so far it's difficult to give you proper samples. Probably following helps you:
   if (open(X,";
     SOAP::Data->name("yourdata" => $xml);
    # .. your other code

Author Comment

ID: 22770027
Thank you here is my code.
###my $WSDL="https://site.net/PosGatewayService.asmx?wsdl=wsdl1";
my $NS = "http://site.net/PosGatewayService/";
my $HOST = "https://site.net/PosGatewayService.asmx";
use strict;
use SOAP::Lite +trace => qw (debug);
my $search = SOAP::Lite
->on_action( sub { return '""';} )
my $method =  ### pull in xml file ###
my $results = $search->call($method  );
print $results;

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Accepted Solution

Adam314 earned 375 total points
ID: 22771863
Use this for your line 16
my $method;
open(my $in, "<your_xml_file.xml") or die "Could not open xml: $!\n";
{local $/;

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Author Comment

ID: 22771969
wow that's it except the output request is turned into the following:

<Amt>25</Amt> &#xd;
instead of

can the be formatted?
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Expert Comment

ID: 22772531
The above will read the your_xml_file.xml into $method.  No modification is done - the file is read exactly as it is.

I'm not sure what you want to do.... but to remove "&#xd;" you could use this:
    $var =~ s/&#xd;//;
Replace $var with whatever variable has the data.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 31508108
Thank You.
 The problem is with what the soap::lite does to the imported xml data. The soap envenlope gets changed to <Amt>25</Amt> &#xd; in stead of what is pass to the scrip 25 on the output.  I need to get the output formatted correctly. Thanks again for your help
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Expert Comment

ID: 22790745
hmm, what is the big difference between my suggestion and the graded one, may be I'm too blind for that ...
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Expert Comment

ID: 22791305
Yes, they are very similar.  I would be okay with a split.
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Expert Comment

ID: 22803893
Adam314, my wondering was meant for the questioner ;-)

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