soap::lite passing xml data to perl script.

Hi, I am writing a soap::lite client to send/receive xml request to a .net web service.
problem is the xml request is getting very complicated and deep. Its there a way to import a pre made xml file to the perl script and have the script create the body of the request from the xml file?
Thanks rob.
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Hi !

I'm not sure what you want do.

Maybe with the module : XML::Parser

Best Regards
robidsAuthor Commented:
Hi.  I need to send/receive xml request to a .net web service using soap:lite
below is the xml file that i need to send via soap::lite to the .net web sevice.






<TrackData method="swiped">
B4012002000060016 VI TEST CREDIT251210118039000000000396




how do i pass this xml file to the perl script???
> how do i pass this xml file to the perl script???
no, you perl script reads the file content and passes it as HTTP message body to the corresponding URL
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robidsAuthor Commented:
OK, Thats my question. How is this done?. I need to pass the data to the script so the data can be sent via the soap::lite mxl request to the .net webserver.
as long as you do not provide the code you have done so far it's difficult to give you proper samples. Probably following helps you:
   if (open(X,";
     SOAP::Data->name("yourdata" => $xml);
    # .. your other code
robidsAuthor Commented:
Thank you here is my code.
###my $WSDL="";
my $NS = "";
my $HOST = "";
use strict;
use SOAP::Lite +trace => qw (debug);
my $search = SOAP::Lite
->on_action( sub { return '""';} )
my $method =  ### pull in xml file ###
my $results = $search->call($method  );
print $results;

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Use this for your line 16
my $method;
open(my $in, "<your_xml_file.xml") or die "Could not open xml: $!\n";
{local $/;

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robidsAuthor Commented:
wow that's it except the output request is turned into the following:

<Amt>25</Amt> &#xd;
instead of

can the be formatted?
The above will read the your_xml_file.xml into $method.  No modification is done - the file is read exactly as it is.

I'm not sure what you want to do.... but to remove "&#xd;" you could use this:
    $var =~ s/&#xd;//;
Replace $var with whatever variable has the data.
robidsAuthor Commented:
Thank You.
 The problem is with what the soap::lite does to the imported xml data. The soap envenlope gets changed to <Amt>25</Amt> &#xd; in stead of what is pass to the scrip 25 on the output.  I need to get the output formatted correctly. Thanks again for your help
hmm, what is the big difference between my suggestion and the graded one, may be I'm too blind for that ...
Yes, they are very similar.  I would be okay with a split.
Adam314, my wondering was meant for the questioner ;-)
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