How can I get list of users having DB_datareader or DB_datawriter permission among all users having different permission in SQL 2005 ?

I want to find out list of users having db_datareader or any other permission in Database. In my database there are about 200 users some of them have DB_datareader permission and some of them DB_data executor and DB_datawriter....How can I find out list of users having different permission.
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Daniel WilsonCommented:
how's this?

Select P.Name, P.type_desc, R.Name as RoleName 
from sys.database_principals P Inner Join 
 sys.database_role_members M on P.Principal_ID = M.member_principal_ID Inner Join
 sys.database_principals R on R.Principal_ID = M.role_principal_ID

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Brendt HessSenior DBACommented:
This code should provide you with the base of what you need:
	UserName Sysname NULL,
	groupName Sysname NULL,
	loginName Sysname NULL,
	DefDBName Sysname NULL,
	defSchema Sysname NULL,
	userID Sysname NULL,
	sid Sysname NULL
EXECUTE sp_helpuser
FROM #tmp t
WHERE groupName = 'db_datareader'

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patel99Author Commented:
Thanks....bhess1 and DanielWilson......
patel99Author Commented:
I found....
exec sp_helprolemember 'db_datareader'     is working as well.
patel99Author Commented:
Thanks a lot.....
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