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C Programing - get substring between two chars

I have  strings like follow.

 char str1[]="455:2355;";
 char str2[]="317:5569;";
 char str2[]="213:8254;";

What is the easiest way to get the integer value between ":" and ";"?
I could get the first one (i.e. 455,317,213 ...) using atoi(str1).
I'm using gcc version 3.3.2

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Infinity08Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Or you can use strtol to retrieve both values :
char str1[] = "455:2355;";
char *pos = 0;
long value = 0;
long value2 = 0;
value = strtol(str1, &pos, 10);
/* pos now points to the ':' character - you can check this to make sure */
value2 = strtol(pos + 1, &pos, 10);
/* pos now points to the ';' character - you can check this to make sure */

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If the format of your strings will always be like that, then something like this should work :
char str1[] = "455:2355;";
int value = 0;
char *pos = strstr(str1, ':');
if (pos) {
  value = atoi(pos + 1);

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Or you can use strtok to tokenize the string, and then use atoi to convert each token to its corresponding integer value.
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char str1[] = "455:2355;";

string result=str1.substring(str1,str1.charat(':') , str1.charat(';') - str1.charat(':') );
convert result to integer

@divyeshhdoshi : this is about C ;)
shanikawmAuthor Commented:
Great. Thanks.
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