How can I use trim in oracle to remove blank spaces before and after names in my query?


Below is a condition in my where clause but I need to use the function trim to remove any spaces before and after both first and last names(otherwise my report isn't picking up the names correctly, there a few in the database with spaces causing problems). Also, if you could include upper as well that would be great!!  can you please show me how to correctly use it?

          'Marty Rant','chris Motely','Adrian Mac', 'Tony Red','Robert Da', 'Marie Sak', 'Jack Va', 'Larry Engel'))

Rhonda CarrollAsked:
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upper(trim(c.X_PRIM_SALES_FIRST_NAME)) ||' '|| upper(trim(c.X_PRIM_SALES_LAST_NAME)) in ('JON DOE', .....
If you are converting your first and last names to upper and trimming them, your "in" clause must be in all caps and trimmed too.  You did already have it trimmed but you need to capitalize them too
 AND (UPPER(TRIM(c.x_prim_sales_first_name)) || ' ' || UPPER(TRIM(c.x_prim_sales_last_name)) IN
                  ('JON DOE',
                   'MARTY RANT',
                   'CHRIS MOTELY',
                   'ADRIAN MAC',
                   'TONY RED',
                   'ROBERT DA',
                   'MARIE SAK',
                   'JACK VA',
                   'LARRY ENGEL'))

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Rhonda CarrollAuthor Commented:

I tried both and they give me the same error:

Invalid column name.

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Rhonda CarrollAuthor Commented:
Also, the version of oracle is 7.6.
7.6 can't be correct, the last release of version 7 is 7.3.4

Can you post your entire query and the table descriptions.
Documentation for Oracle 7.3.4

I don't see a trim() function in there. Use ltrim(rtrim(upper(  <your_column> ))) instead.


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use TRIM( Expression / Field Name)
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