Program or script to Compare Folders and Synchronize - Please help..

I need a programthat can compare folder and files and then Synchronize them from source to target

This must be done via a scheduled time

I have tried Beyon comapre 2.0 - but the scheduling is weak

Also tried Backup&Synchronize but again scheduling is weak

Can this sort of thing be done with a script or xcopy or does anybodt know a good program to use ?

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KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Syncback the free version will do what you need
A simple-ish batch file could do your syncing...

What are your target devices? -ie, drive C and drive D for example

Which device would do you mormally add and delete to and from? - ie, C or D for example OR both???

ise438Author Commented:
target drive is F:
Source drive is a network drive..
You've accepted the solution offered by KCTS, we should leave it at that.
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