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currently i am using mrtg for  monitoring Network .like. i m monitoring  on mrtg. DNS. Proxy server.router. Max tnt.Radius Server..and some DSL data ....but i am not satisfy with mrtg..i am looking some other way to monitor my network.. can anybody suggest me other software? but please recommended me some strong and professionally software..!

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For free I really like Cacti, you can see it here:  it builds on top of MRTG so if you already have that running then installing Cacti is a snap.

If you want to be all you can be and are willing to pay for it.... then you can use something like whatsUp Gold or solarwinds

sadaaAuthor Commented:
Dear razorwoods:your suggestion is attractive...i am downloading this software..
and mr JohnGerhardt:. thanks to u for suggestion

Best Regards
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Have a look at nagios, too!

sadaaAuthor Commented:
Dear woolmilkporc:... i need a software for linux or cenots....this software is for window..!

sadaaAuthor Commented:
oopss.. this is also for linux.. thanks woolmilkporc
Dear sadaa,
nagios is in no way (no way!) for Windows alone!
You should read things carefully!
In my view Cacti is good if you want to look at graphs etc.. Nagios is good if you are more text oriented. I use both Nagios for network and service monitoring and cacti for collecting information through snmp and graphing
Collecting snmp information and graphing it is no problem at all for nagios.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

You may please check out the below applications;

Open-Source NMS            

Ntop      LAMP based NMS
Bandwidthd      LAMP based NMS
ZenOSS      LAMP based NMS
Nagios      LAMP based NMS
JFFNMS      LAMP based NMS
OpenNMS      LAMP based NMS
Zabbix      LAMP based NMS
Hyperic HQ      LAMP based NMS
Etherape      LAMP based NMS
GroundWork      LAMP based NMS
NAV      LAMP based NMS
Netdisco      LAMP based NMS
MRTG      RRDTool
Cacti      RRDTool
Bast Monitoring:

easily my favourite. its managed so if the software goes down or machine hosting it, you are alerted by an offsite server.

the do all the usual management / monitoring stuff but have extras like trend analysis and fault history. SMS alerting. centrally managed so its set up by professionals so you dont find out later that you set your monitoring up wrong :op

they also do workstation monitoring and its really cheap. useful for health checks and detecting faults with clients. helps us with our budgetting for new gear, etc....

they set it all up for you so its guarrenteed to work
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