why do mapped network drives disconnect after being left idle?

Hi, A customer of mine runs a program which is shared from a windows 2003 server and after being left for a while the mapped drive seems to disconnect. This completely crashes the program that is being used abd potential data loss too. each time this happens the computer needs to be restarted and then log back in to the network and start again. I have tried:
1. sharing the program from another computer on the network - no difference.
2. if they close the program down and then reopen it when coming back to the computer - this works but is a massive inconvenience..
3. changed the idle time suspension locally and on  the server. no difference
4. unticked the nic power management so that doesn't disconnect the session. nothing!
5. changed the router and still no difference.
6. ran  the best practice analyzer tool and everything seems fine on the server.
7. upgraded the network to a gigabit network, which needed doing anyway due to running Sage.

sbs 2003 is running the domain with windows xp on all clients.

I have read on a few other sites that this is a problem in general but nobody seems to have an answer.

anyone out there any ideas?

would be grately appreciated.

Thanks again

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This may help, though I'm not sure it's describing the same precise issue you are...
The registry edits here may make a difference.
wireless24Author Commented:

the registry value doesn't appear to exist, should I create it?

Value: KeepConn
Data type : REG_DWORD
Range : 1 to 65535 (sec)
Default value: 600 sec = 10 mins

IMHO, I don't think it can hurt.  The article specifically says it's pertinent to SBS 2003, so I'd say it's worth a try.
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How did you map the drives?  I map drives through a login script on our server and they never disconnect.  We run Sage products on our server too.  Do you have enough licenses?  

I ran into a situation on a network I was called to fix where they had 8 concurrent users and 5 cals.  This created problems with file shares and Outlook mailboxes where the users were having to login all the time becasue they were getting kicked off by the server I assumed.  I had them purchase more licensing and the issues went away.
wireless24Author Commented:
dcsdave hi,

I wouldn't rule out the issue with regards to licences.  I have just looked and there are 10 users on the system with a limit of ony 5 users and max usage as 5 as well.

Do you think that this could be related to  the network issues, mapped drives (timing out) etc?

I also map the drives through a script and they never dissappear either.  We have small business server 2003 sp2 there are all these different codes how do I know which ones to buy?


I would start with licensing.  I know it costs money but the time saved in headaches is well worth it for you and your client.

the type of licensing depends on how many users you have and how many devices there are.  If you have 10 users and 5 PCs then you would buy device cals.  If you have 10 PCs and 5 users you would buy user cals.  That is just a general statement by the way.  Contacting a license specialist is always a good idea especially if you plan on growth.  All you need to get is SBS std/prem dev/user cals.  I buy cals from CDW and Dell in 5/20 packs.  For some of my smaller networks I don't order the software assurance and that keeps costs down too on open license pricing.

Hope that helps.

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wireless24Author Commented:
Licencing seemed to be the issue, Chers
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