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What is the best way to save a user's mailbox without the user's knowledge?  I don't want to export to pst file because messages will leave the exchange server, and user will notice it.  Confidential request.  I have exchange 2003 and user uses outlook 2007.
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aissimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use EXMERGE to do what you need (we do it all the time when a manager suspects an employee of something)....it simply 'copies' data to the .pst, and will leave all messages in the mailbox unless you specify otherwise.


(Also, you can use Exmerge to recover items from the dumpster as well....as long as you have the item retention period set....exmerge will recover things the end-user has recently deleted)
Do you have any kind of backups for the exchange Server?  You can use the Recovery software you have to export the user's mailbox to a pst.  You don't have to do it on the user's side but on the Server side.  How do you currently backup your mail server storage?
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