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Problem with BES Professional Express in a hosted Exchange 2007 Environment

We have an Exchange 2007 hosted environment configured using the following Microsoft technet article:


Basically there are mutilpe GALs with permissions set to restrict access per user to only their company's specific GAL.

We then attempted to setup a BES Professional Express server to allow for blackberry configurations but have encountered a problem because the BES server adds accounts by doing a GAL lookup and we do not have a single GAL that contains all users.

So the question is how to have restricted access to a GAL or GALs but still have a single GAL containing all acocunts for the besadmin account to add users.  It's my understanding that you cannot have one account in more that a single GAL, if that's not true how is this accomplished?  Does anyone know how BES determines which GAL it uses for lookups?  If it is true that you cannot have an account in multiple GALs has anyone else come up with a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance!

- Lance
1 Solution
You will need to create a new GAL, that contains all users.
Then give the account that runs the MAPI profile on the BES box permissions to this (and only this) GAL.
THe user account will use the first GAL that it finds, so if the account for BES does not have permissions to the others you are all set.

As a side not however, all users on the hosted/BES envrionment will see the full GAL unless you modify the BES install.

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