Winforms saving form data using a data class

Hi All

I'm new to win forms , but have experience of, and I guess my problem comes from the differences between the 2.

I have written a data access layer and a methos to save data back to my SQL Server 2005 database by calling a storedProc.

I also have a win form with several fields, how to I link the 2. I could use create a data source and let studio do the hardwork, but I would like to use my class if I can.

Andy GreenAsked:
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Is your Data Access class in a DLL?  If so, just add a reference to it, and away you go...  If not, you can put it in a DLL, or just add the class to your project.  The preferred method is adding it to a DLL.

Andy GreenAuthor Commented:
Yes I have a dll, but how do I bind to it.

I have a form with text fields a data access layer class, and the database.

How do I assign the text fiels values to the fields in the DAL

Is your DAL returning a table, a generic list, or something?

You can bind to it:
Dim table as DataTable  'example only

     Me.TextBox1.DataBindings.Add("Text", table, "My Column Name")

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Andy GreenAuthor Commented:
This is it.
Public Sub InsertTestRecord(ByVal ReferL_RefNo As String, ByVal ReferL_Date As DateTime, ByVal Con_Abbr As String, ByVal Spec_Abbr As String, ByVal Forename As String, ByVal Surname As String, ByVal Gender As String, ByVal PAS_ID As String, ByVal Printed As Boolean, ByVal Status As String, ByVal LiveTest As Boolean)

            Dim sqlCmd As New SqlCommand()
            sqlCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
            sqlCmd.CommandText = "spInsertTestRecord"
            sqlCmd.Connection = Me._sqlConn

            Dim sqlPrmReferL_RefNo As New SqlParameter("@ReferL_RefNo", ReferL_RefNo)
            Dim sqlPrmReferL_Date As New SqlParameter("@ReferL_Date", ReferL_Date)
            Dim sqlPrmCon_Abbr As New SqlParameter("@Con_Abbr", Con_Abbr)
            Dim sqlPrmSpec_Abbr As New SqlParameter("@Spec_Abbr", Spec_Abbr)
            Dim sqlPrmForename As New SqlParameter("@Forename", Forename)
            Dim sqlPrmSurname As New SqlParameter("@Surname", Surname)
            Dim sqlPrmGender As New SqlParameter("@Gender", Gender)
            Dim sqlPrmPAS_ID As New SqlParameter("@PAS_ID", PAS_ID)
            Dim sqlPrmPrinted As New SqlParameter("@Printed", Printed)
            Dim sqlPrmStatus As New SqlParameter("@Status", Status)
            Dim sqlPrmLiveTest As New SqlParameter("@LiveTest", LiveTest)



        Catch ex As Exception
            Throw ex
        End Try

    End Sub

I see how to join the text box values to the column names, how would I perform the actual write back.

Is my class wrong in that it doesn't return a table or dataset.

You're going to have to pass the values to the Sub.

What's the name of the class?  (we'll pretend it's "Class1")

Dim c as New Class1()
c.InsertTestRecord(ReferL_RefNo_TextBox.Text, CDate(ReferL_Date_TextBox.Text), Con_Abbr_TextBox.Text, etc...)


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Andy GreenAuthor Commented:
Excellent thank you.

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