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We are setting up a multisite Domain. We have a DC setup in Edenbridge and will be adding a new server down in Brighton. The new server has been dcpromo'd and DNS has been setup, and i believe Sites and services has been setup correctly. (Per other Users Question and Answers on experts exchange.) However we can only remotely logon to the new DC if the VPN is connected to Edenbridge. We would like to have this server setup as a DC so that we can logon make changes etc even if the like to the main office is down. We can only remotely logon When VPNed in/
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KCTSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to make sure that BOTH DCs are Global Gatalog Server and DNS servers (with forwarders configured to the internets as per (, also that computers in each site use their local DNS server as their preferred DNS server.

If you are using DHCP, you also need to have a DHCP server available at both sites
purpleoakAuthor Commented:
They are both setup and have left them long enough to build the global catalogue on the site DC, however if i disconnect the VPN i cannot RDP onto the server still. Any other ideas?
Did you make sure that the clients are using their local DNS server as the preferred DNS server?
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purpleoakAuthor Commented:
Yes, i cant even RDP onto the DC in brighton when im in the same site with DNS setup correctly. It will only work if the VPN is running.
Maybe I'm missing something but your VPN is how the network changes are replicated.  Seems to be that te only redundancy you have acheived by this second server is ....server redundancy.  Server 1 at the main site goes down site 2 will still authenticate users across the domain.  But if the VPN goes down how can clients at site 1 talk to site 2....The VPN is the link between them you break the link no matter if the are both DC's you wont be able to talk from site 1 to site 2.
purpleoakAuthor Commented:
Basically we have 2 servers at the main site, which work fine. What we want to setup is another site. Now we created a VPN dcpromo'ed the server and setup sites and services. What we want to be able to do is if the VPN dies to the main office we can still RPD onto the DC in brighton. However if the VPN dies we can logon, we have to logon via console and manually start the VPN before we can RDP
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