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AOL Email Query

Hi All

Hope you can help

I am having constant issues trying to send emails to AOL accounts from my work email addresses.  They seem to go successfuly then after about a week we receive a bounce back saying ti couldnt be delivered.  The message is as follows:-

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:  2008 Information Request
      Sent:     20/10/2008 11:56

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

      emailrecipient@aol.com on 22/10/2008 11:57
            Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry or contact your administrator.
            <mydomain.co.uk #4.4.7>

Now my setup is as follows.  I have one 2k3 SBS server which is also an exchange server.  I have a Static Public IP address, and this is the only IP address that mails come out of.  My web presence is hosted externally and they also point my MX records to an external company who anti spam and anti virus my emails before they come in.  They dont do out bound emails.

I thought I would resolve my issue by having an SPF record created by the hosting company that detailed the single public IP address of my Exchange server, but this has not resolved it.

The SPF record was as follows:-

'mydomain.co.uk:v=spf1 ip4\07281.137.223.147 ~all:3600

As far as I was aware this means that the only host now authorised in SPF to send mail
is  Which i scorrect.  Is it just a propogation problem as when I use AOLs reverse DNS tool it still fails and I presume thats why it wont accept my mails.

Should I get a Reverse PTR record created via my hosting company to resolve the issue, if so, what should I point to?  Mail.domain.co.uk for example or will this cause problems??

Any help would be much appreciated and as you would appreciate I have amended domain names etc on here.

Thanks in advance


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1 Solution
You should setup the reverse pointer record as you suggest.  Make sure it resolves the address back to your mail server.

fingwongAuthor Commented:

Hi Rob

Spoke to my ISP (BT) to try and get this entru set up to resolve to mail.mydomain.com but they wont do it as my Mail servers are pointing to the "email washer" company , thus mail.mydomain.com resolves to their IP address.

Can I just set up any name I like or would it have to be "mail.mydomain.com"??


If you need anymore info just give me a shout.

How is your email setup?  If your server is sending outbound directly to your clients, they shouldn't have a problem setting up a reverse pointer record back to your server name with it's Public IP.  

If you are sending to the "email washer" company for outbound email, and they are sending on your behalf, I would expect the reverse pointer to go to them as your ISP is saying.

fingwongAuthor Commented:

Hi Robrandon

All sorted now.  Had to get my mail hosting company to set up an A record to point to my Public IP, then get BT (my ISP) to create a reverse PTR record back to the machine name.  Spoke to Web washer company and they dont "forward" the emails on as such, they merely scan them thougroughly and send them on my way.  So all works well now, because I now have what AOL qwanted, which was a reverse DNS set up to resolve to the mail server itself.

Thanks for all of your help


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