How and where to update Firmware on Cisco Aironet 1100

We have three cisco Aironet 1100 wireless access points. I need to upgrade the firmware on all of them. I don't know where to get the firmware or even how to do it. We have not used them for a while put we are planing to use them again.

1. Where to get the new firmware and how to update the firmware .
2.  How to configure it.
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shareditConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here are several configuration examples for various things.

this pertains to the basic setup which I assume you are needing

I would recommend you don't use WEP if you have a mind for security.

Remember, most of this stuff can be found with Google. Don't underestimate it as a resource.
netcompAuthor Commented:
The above link did not say much, but I found another one and I got the following downloads for the Aironet 1100. Is the first one the firmware? ( mode upgrade)?

I still need help upgrading the firmware and the software? And somehow configuring it , but I think that's not that hard since it my have  a web interface that we can use like the Linksys routers.

Autonomous To Lightweight Mode Upgrade Image
Autonomous To Lightweight Mode Upgrade Tool
IOS Software
IP Setup Utility (IPSU)
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Getting the IOS upgrade will be the most difficult part if you do not have a Cisco service agreement for some device.

You will need to log in with a privileged account at to download. I am not really familiar with any other reliable source for Cisco IOS.

The easiest method for updating would be to go to the web gui/ System Software/Upgrade use the http method to browse for the file on your PC (you've already downloaded it).

If you do not know the IP of the APs, also download the Cisco IPSU (IP Setup utility), and use the aironets mac address (located on the back) to find the device on the network.

I might take a running config if you planning on reusing the running configuration. Not familiar with Telnet, go to the Web GUI again go to Sytstem Software/System configuration copy the Current running config to a txt file. When you are finished with the IOS upgrade, go back to the same area and try to "Load New Startup Config" with the txt file you saved.

If you are asking how to configure the device in general, that is a very broad question.
netcompAuthor Commented:
I got IOS.  I am no  sure what the  Autonomous to lightweight mode upgrade image is ( see above).  I think its the kind of upgrade that keeps the settings.
Also, any easy info on doing using telnet?  I think we have the passowrds, but if not I think they have a button that you can hold for it to reset.
We do not have existing configs on the device.  
Do you need them to be lightweight? That will require a controller to use them.  
netcompAuthor Commented:
"Do you need them to be lightweight?", Not sure what that means.
lightweight means there is no running config on the device, all the configuration is managed by a controller.  Im guessing you are not needing them to be lightweight which means you do not need the lightweight upgrade.

just unzip the IOS and go through the Web Gui as I described above and browse for the Image to upgrade.

in what capacity will you use these ? just a single ssid? being used for PC/Laptop network/internet connectivity?
netcompAuthor Commented:
Yes, a single SSID , we have about 30 people in our office .
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