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Office 2007 Training with tracking

Posted on 2008-10-22
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hey all,

We are looking to upgrade to office 2007 from 2003.  I am looking for a training interactive site that will

1) Keep the training to at or just under 1 hour - the end users simply do not have the time and patience to do more than this.

2)Touches mainly on what is different between 2003 and 2007

3)Allows me to track who has completed the training

and the big one...

4)Will not cost a Whole Lota Money!

Thanks in advance for looking
Question by:geekhelp4u
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Expert Comment

ID: 22800160

How are you doing?

I would actually do this on the REAL CHEAP (that is, the free way)! Microsoft has some great help for just this situation, see the following:


The above are specific to Word for the most part (I am not sure what your users actually use in their daily work). So for most people, a brief intro to both Word and Excel is what is needed and these are provided for free. What I have done in the past is create a cheat sheet or two that has links to all the topics that your users might need, then I make that into a PDF file. This way, they can go back to it if needed at a later date and also they can use it to work at their own pace. Once they get use to the new location of items on the ribbon, using the 2007 suite is actually easier than 2003!

Here is something to think about. Say there are 10 major instructional video's and text walk throughs you find in the links above that are needed and say you have 10 employees. I can bet that at most, 1 of these people will need to see all of the 10 video's, where most will only need to see 3-4, because they don't do the other things.

So you can build a quick matrix, of A-J (10 videos) and users 1-10, then assign as needed:
1 - A,B,C,E
2 - B,C,D,G
3 - A,B,D,F
and so on.

Go to this page (and use the screen shot below to see what areas I have pointed out): http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/FX100485361033.aspx?pid=CL100605171033

These are were you can find "exactly what your users need", general office tutorials are nice, but since you have time limited users, I think it is better to get the training they specifically need, rather than waste time on "general overviews".

Good luck and hope this helps!


Author Comment

ID: 22807143
That was my initial plan, however we are talking about a thousand employees not 10.  We need a way to track who has taken the course before we deploy office 2007 to their machine.  We do not want them simply saying "yea i did it, i need the newer office please" and then calling us 3 times a day because they can't find the option to like it used to be.

Thanks for answering though, more than anyone else did!  If I get no more responses, I will assign the points to you - and if I do get a better one, I will throw you some partial points.
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Accepted Solution

redrumkev earned 500 total points
ID: 22808189

First of all, I did not know the number of employees, a thousand (WOW I FEEL FOR YOU)! Actually, I would contact MS directly and ask them to provide something for you, since you are going to be purchasing so many licenses (if you haven't done so already).

At this scale for your project, I would look at something like Sharepoint and the auditing features that it has. What I am suggesting here is that you could take those files (download and save the ones you want to show people, even using the A,B,C,D,E... etc plan, whatever you select from above your own ideas) and put them on the server. Then follow some of these links and their ideas (I am just getting into sharepoint, so you would want to ask some questions in the MOSS or sharepoint forums, as I can't help you much there, but I know a bunch of experts over there are GREAT!).

Basically you can log that the people accessed the files and I am sure you can even see if they watched the entire video (or tell them you can see that they went through it at regular speed from beginning to end and that no other windows were above it, so they don't open it, play it and put it in the back ground, etc.) Most users will "believe" you have these god like abilities, even if you don't, plus you get the log of yes, user 1, did watch A,B,C and E, etc.

See these links for some ideas:

I think you can get sharepoint for free (I know there is a free 90-day trial, which might be long enough to get this project completed), all you need is some server space and your good!

Another thing that might be a bit "crazy" but could really do some good, specific to your organization is to get a copy of camtasia (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp) and record your own videos. These work right off your desktop, so in a loss-less compression format, users see exactly what you do. Perhaps individual departments could create their own video's to show only what users need to know. Plus, as new issues come up (or even new solutions) you can add videos to the library. When new employees are hired, they can watch the videos and get up to speed quickly and current employees can go back to the video at anytime (intranet, sharepoint server, etc) if they need a refresher for something they don't do all the time.

Recently my company started outlook web access and screenshots with text to explain how to configure IE5, 6 and 7, plus basic how-to's ended up with a 15-20 page word document. The video can show people the same stuff in a few minutes and they can even watch it on one monitor while doing it on the other (we have dual monitors for all employees). Just some things to think about, and camtasia is only $300.00 USD.

Hope this helps and thank you for the comments above!

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