Stop recipient policy from applying to contacts

I read the article posted previously, but it is geared more towards changing or adding an additional address.  It would be nice to know how to do this strictly for Contacts.  Do I need to add an address to create the policy?  This is what I have currently completed, but my e-mail address tab disappeared.

1.  Change RUS service to never run.
2.  Used ADModify to import Contacts.
3.  Used ADModify.Net to uncheck "Automatically Update e-mail addresses based on Recipeint Policy" for all imported Contacts.
4.  Changed RUS service to always run.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks..
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You can create a Policy that filters just on Users, Groups and Public Folders and delete the Default Policy.  However I don't recommend this.
ccrocket08Author Commented:
Then what would you suggest?
The manual method that you performed really.  Are there any particular reasons to have it remove the other addresses that Exchange stamps.

I take it you need the contacts to appear in the GAL correct?  If so then the RUS has to touch it at least once in order to stamp ShowInAddressBook.
If the object does not match any Recipient Policy then ShowInAddressBook will never be stamped and the contact will not show up in the GAL.

You could try this.  Create a new Policy that applies only to Contacts, but the issue is that you have to enter some sort of SMTP address domain, so the contacts will always have their external and at least one other SMTP address.
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ccrocket08Author Commented:
OK, I created a recipient policy to added a bogus e-mail address to all users that do not have the primary SMTP address.  I import my contacts, uncheck "Automatically Update e-mail addresses based on Recipeint Policy", then my new policy runs and overwrites the SMTP addresses I imported to the bogus e-mail address.  Why doesn't the policy append the bogus address?
What is it filtering on?  Is is set to apply to contacts as well or only users and groups?
Can u paste the filter here?
ccrocket08Author Commented:
If you need to look at something else, please let me know.  Thanks..
You want this to apply to all contacts correct?  If so your filter woudl just look like:
(&(&(& (mailnickname=*) (| (&(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=contact)) ))))

Jsut to make sure of yoru process.  You are using ADMOdify to import the contacts.  Once they are imported you are clearing "Automatically Update e-mail addresses based on Recipeint Policy".  When you do the imported SMTP addresses are removed and the bogus one is being applied?  If so that is strange as when you clear that check box the RUS is told not to touch it.  I wonder if they are getting applied once they are imported.

You can try this:
Set the RUS schedule to Never Run
Perform your import
Clear the Check Box
Wait a bit for AD replication
Set your RUS back to what you want it set to.

Since you are using ADModify to create the objects, that is considered a programatic opeartion and did not go thru the actual APIs to create the obects so the behavior might be erratic.  To test, what behavior do you see when you manually create a contact in AD (not using ADModify)?  Do you get the same results?

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ccrocket08Author Commented:
I figured this out.

My recipient policy was filtering on "EMail Addresses" instead of "EMail Addresses (External)".  As soon as I changed this, ran my import again, this policy did not change my primary e-mail addresses.  You also do not have to uncheck "Automatically Update e-mail addresses based on Recipeint Policy".

Thanks for all of your help.
Good the RUS is gone in 2007 though.
Glad you figured it out.
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