MouseWheel DLL in Citrix Environment

I have a database that I developed in Access 2003 and is set up as a front end/back end.  I used the microsoft knowledge base article 278379 to solve the issue of users scrolling through records by using the mousewheel.  I created the new dll file in VB6 and both the file and database work as expected with no issues.  Recently our office changed the servers on our network and now the users can scroll though the records again.  What do we need to do to get the mousewheel dll file working again?  Our network guys are saying this is a problem with my database but i know its not.  It still works fine when logged on to an old server, so the only thing that has changed is that the users are logging on to the new servers but now the mousewheel scrolling is enabled.  I think the new servers dont recognize the dll file but I dont know what causes that problem as I am not familiar with networkng.
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ET0000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the SysInternals page on Microsoft's website with all their tools:

Process Monitor is here:

Download it, run it on the Citrix machine, run your program, find your program in the list, bring up Properties for that program, go to the Process tab, and check your modules (DLLs) in the list at the bottom. That will show all the DLLs loaded, including the directory from which each was loaded.

You can resize the Properties dialog so more DLLs show in the list.
You can investigate this without being a networking expert, but might need some help from the Citrix folks at your site. If you can connect to Citrix with a terminal session and get a desktop, you can use tools like Process Monitor (part of the SysInternals tools now provided free by Microsoft) to see what DLLs a process has loaded. If you don't get a desktop (your application launches "seamless" and appears as an application window on your local desktop), then you may need to have them set things up so you can run Process Monitor or another tool to monitor your DLLs

I suspect you will find that your DLL is not being loaded, either because it isn't available from the new server or because the environment/pathing isn't letting the application find it. In that case, you just need to find the right spot to put your DLL so it gets loaded and used.
yoducatiAuthor Commented:
Ok we connect to citrix with a terminal session to get to our desktop so can you tell me where to look for the Process Monitor and how to implement it?  Once I find it do I turn that on and then try to run my database?
yoducatiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  For some reason the new servers did not recognize the DLL file even though the path to it was identical, until I logged on to each sever and manually deleted the reference and browsed to it from within VBA and reselected it.  Once I did that on each server it took care of the problem.
yoducatiAuthor Commented:
Havent had a chance to download and use the software you suggested but Im working on getting it installed on our secure servers to make use of it in the future should something like this happen again.  im sure it will make it easier to diagnose the issues.  Thanks again for the help!
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