Connect USB device to Ethernet network

I need to connect a USB printer to a home network for the computers to have access.

Would I need an adapter or a hub (each with a USB and RJ45)?

From what I see, the adapters are connected to the computers and require software installation.  But the hub does not.
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knoxzooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Get a standard print server.  If you've already got a home network, you have a hub/switch, unless you're running ad hoc wireless, in which case, your hub/switch just needs to have an available port.  If you're running ad hoc wireless, you'll need to get a wireless print server.

Go to and do a search for "print server".  

Here's a couple:
wireless -
wired -

The simplest way is to install the printer on one of the computers and share it.
JohnnyCanuck is right that is the easiest way, but the PC sharing the printer must remain on for others to use it. have a look at this.
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No adapter or hub required.    After it's installed on a system and shared,  go to the other systems and install a network printer.

control panel/printers and faxes/ "add printer"    

Choose "A network printer, or printer attached to another computer"

"Browse for a printer"

mcnuttlawAuthor Commented:
I should mention that I don't want to share it.  It should stand alone on the network.
What kind of printer is it? does it have a nic onboard or just the USB?
mcnuttlawAuthor Commented:
Life would be easier if it did have a nic but no it does not.  It's a usb only device that I want to connect to a network as a standalone device.

Do I use an adapter which is significantly cheaper than a hub?  By the looks of it, it appears that a hub is the way to go.
if you get the device I described you still have to get the Hub,
if you want to attach the USB to one PC and share, this PC should still powered on so others can print.
DawilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want it to be stand alone then an adapter would be the cheapest way.
if you want to be able to add devices in the future than a hub would be your best bet.
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