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Everytime I start the computer (or re-start), it takes forever to display the login screen.

Posted on 2008-10-22
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
When I start my computer for the first time during the day or everytime I perform a re-start, it takes forever for the computer to start, I see a black scree, and after few minutes I can see the windows login screen. what I could do to fix this issue ?
Question by:konehon
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Expert Comment

ID: 22780615
1.Goto Start>Run>msconfig>Startup, and click on Disable All
now goto Services section, and tick Hide Microsoft Services
and now untick all those third party services
restart and now check if the same delay is happening.....(it should as no third party srevices and applications are starting)
if Yes then go back to msconfig and re-enable the services and applications ONLY which are for your av and firewall softwares...... restart again and check if delay has happened again or not..... if Yes then its your av and firewall processes and services which are casuing this delay......otherwise the problem was with those extra applications and services

2..start -> run -> regedit


This will display a list of all the elements that start with windows.
Not all elements are displayed in msconfig. But be sure that you view the elements Startup AND services in msconfig. Much lies here. uncheck all you  dont want/need to start up with windows.

Deleting the elements from the registry is an effective way to reduce bootup time.Delete what you dont need from the registry and msconfig and I think you'll be on your way to a faster boot time

3..Have you tried to boot the pro system in safemode to check for the slowness there ??
And how about using Bootvis to improve the startup time >> http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=664
4.Run a RAM memory test  www.memtest86.com or www.simmtester.com
Try using the free diagnostic utility from the vendor of your disk to check for problems with the disk

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Expert Comment

ID: 22782688
ive had this problem just before my video card died... try updating drivers, or going into control panel > display > settings > advanced > troubleshoot > and decrease the hardware accelration slider to the left to see if it makes a difference. This is however only a temporary solution assuming that it is the video card is at fault.

Author Comment

ID: 22791426
Guys, thank you for your help. I have followed your recommendations and found that my video card and memory are OK. I have two hard disks connected to my PC, one with Windows XP and the other one with Vista, and found that this delay only happens with the XP hard disk, which has been configured by my company to make my computer part of their domain.
I don't think I have a hard disk problem. Is there any other recommendation I could follow to solve this problem ? I also tried do disable all the start up programs and ran a full av scan on my computer. Thanks !!
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Accepted Solution

sk_raja_raja earned 750 total points
ID: 22791468
Login to windows xp and run sfc /scannow and insert the windows cd..once completed run chkdsk /f completely..
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Expert Comment

ID: 22791552
anything show up in event viewer?
also, do you have any external peripheral devices connected besides keyboard, mouse,  network cable? if so, see what happens when you unplug these other devices.

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Expert Comment

ID: 22820932
It looks like some nasty spyware installed.
Boot into networked safe mode (F8 at text boot screen after BIOS).
Install BOclean http://www.comodo.com/boclean/CBO_download.html
That should kill if some nasties are still loaded when you reboot again into network safe mode.
Keep in mind that loading normally will re-enable nasties that probably will remove boclean and rest of brains from your antivirus software.

Now install Spybot S&D http://www.safer-networking.org/en/mirrors/index.html
Update it, restart, and apply all immunizations.

Restart one more into network safe mode and do full spybot scan. If it tells you have to reboot - some unwanted software is still active, now reboot in normal mode no matter what it tells so it rescans computer at boot.

Now you have top-rated anti spyware and good time to check your antivirus and firewalls status by updating from internet and attempting to download eicar test file (ask google or other esearch engine)
Let me recommend free antiviruses from avast, grisoft, avira,rising or same comodo if you have no idea.

If computer is still slow I'd like to hear about it - it may have old outdated antivirus, or many of them, or multiple firewalls or some copy-protection software. I'll help fix them too.

Another step to take is to look at device manager and resolve all identified problems by removing problem devices so that windows re-detects them.

When you are clean and security softwares are in order use pagedefrag from www.sysinternals.com and bootvis as found on softpedia.com to regain performance lost to spyware.

Author Comment

ID: 22837066
Dear All,
Thanks a lot for your assistance. I have followed very carefully these recommendations, but unfortunately, the problem persist.
I do have McAfee Viruscan Enterprise 8.5 with AntiSpyware Module and always keep it up to date. I tried anyway with the BOclean and then with Spybot S&D, but did not fix the problem.
I also try the chkdsk /f command, but get a blue screen with a message systemroot\windows\system32\autochk.exe program not found Would this be a problem ?
I also need to emphasize that my computer is not really performing slow. Once I get into Windows, it works fine. The problem is with the Boot time, from the moment I see the Windows logo during the startup, the computer goes into a black screen for at least 3 minutes (now the blue screen with the above message), before I can see the log-on Window. Once within Windows Im fine. But start the computer or doing a reboot really takes forever. Any other recommendation will be highly appreciated.
Thanks !!
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Expert Comment

ID: 22839113
Your installation is damaged. You have to restore autochk.exe from install CD. This is serious problem - system files are missing.
Have you experienced a bluescreen crash or power failure when problem started?

Did it boot solw in safe mode too?

Is your C: filesystem FAT or NTFS?
Are you able to record and boot CD-RW?

So far there is option to boot into text-only safe mode and do chkdsk from there.
Once that is completed boot into any graphic safe mode and restore autochk.exe into place.
Once again - McAfee may interfere with disk access and network access.

Do not proceed further unless disk is checked....

Try installing superdat for your McAfee. It might be incompatible with XP SP3 before that.

You can reset disk driver performance stats:

Then use bootvis mentioned earlier to record staryup timings.

Most likely you will end up removing meaningless startup entries using autoruns from www.sysinternals.com

Author Comment

ID: 22842570
Yes, I experienced power failures a few times and my computer boots slow in safe mode too.
My filesystem is NTFS.
Yes I can record and boot CD-RW.

Also, autochk.exe file is actually installed on my computer. File is not missing. I started getting this error message very recently. I'll try the text-only safe mode and will try to run autochk.exe from there.

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Assisted Solution

gheist earned 750 total points
ID: 22844095
Use this tool to read SMART status from your disk drive:
http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm (Feature tool ISO)

If HDD is broke buy new one and do image copy.

If it is not - run resetdma.vbs and do as it asks   - reboot after forgetting software corrected disk failures.

Another one that comes in mind - maybe mcafee forbids direct disk access right before chkdsk launches.
In this case get mentioned autoruns utility and disable its drivers and services for one reboot.
This is especially true if you find autockh.exe and chkdsk.exe in system32 directory...

McAfee SuperDAT (all latest engines and dat-s) are here: http://download.mcafee.com/updates/superDat.asp

Disable McAfee buffer overflow proctector, comodo or wehntrust does better if you need that after comp is fixed.

If that does not help - check if you have mcafee install disks and uninstall it and reinstall after chkdsk is done. Disconnect from network and use superdat if you are directly connected to internet.

To summarize:

1) check disk hardware is OK using Hitachi tool
2) do chkdsk and reset dma (and evaluate its workings without mcafee if needed, it should not bluescreen)
3) do windows update run, especially regarding video, sound and net drivers
4) do a bootvis trace - should look logical when you look at.

If at some point you stop or are scared to go on - do HijackYhis log and post it here http://www.trendsecure.com/portal/en-US/tools/security_tools/hijackthis

I'll compare to mine and identify prime suspects.

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