Publish an event calendar and files with wordpress


I've developed an website with wordpress. In the website I need publish a calendar with events.
I've used:
Event Calendar:
      I can't edit an existing event.
Gigs Calendar
    I can't add new events with explorer 6.0

There is any plugin for events calendar? Could you advice me?
I need publish files in a website. An the administrator want to add and delete it there is any plugin for this?

Best regards
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I just did exactly the same thing you are doing, I used the reece web calendar on sourceforce, it is free:

you can see it implemented here:

It defaults to only allowing registered users to be able to see the events, but I wanted my to be public to anyone who looks at the website, so I commented out a few lines in one of the functions in one of the files, I can tell you how to do this if you decide to use this calendar. I also had to make a few changes to the  URLs  so it would stay on the calendar page, ?page_id=3.
oops, the source forge page is:
this is not a wordpress plug in, but I can walk you through setting up a page where you can include it on the page.
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silviallAuthor Commented:
How could I add new events using the wordpress administration panel?
you have to log in to the calendar administration panel, you can see at the bottom of the calendar is a log in link.
I just found this, it might be better for your purposes.
it IS a worpdress plugin.
I've used EventCalendar plugin ( successfully and am able to edit events.

Use Wordpress posts to represent events and specify a unique category name for events in the Event Calendar plugin options page.

For each post that has a related event, use the 'event editor' at the bottom of the post's admin screen to add one or more event dates with a start/end time.

If at a later time you want to edit this event, just go back to the post and change the date/time.

To use the calendar within your blog, embed the following code in your template or sidebar code:

     <?php ec3_get_calendar(); ?>
silviallAuthor Commented:
How could I show a big calendar in a post.
I've read that with the event  calendar 3.1.2 I can do It.
I've added the string [EC3BigCalendar] in a blog page. But the big calendar isn't showed, The same string appears in the page.
Best regards
Confusingly, [EC3BigCalendar] support is only shipped with the 3.1.2.BigCal version of EventCalendar and not the actual 3.1.2 release (well, that's what I found when I looked at the code for both versions).

So, to do what you need, download 3.1.2.bigcal (shown in the 'other versions' list) from here:

...this should do what you need.

Let me know how you get on.

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