SQL Server 2000 - the content (code)  of DTS package

Posted on 2008-10-22
Last Modified: 2013-12-17
I have SQL Server 2000 on my computer (the name of the instance is SVR2000).  I have 3 DTS packages- MyPack1,  MyPack2, MyPack3. in SVR2000.

1) Is it possible to create a code (C# OR VB for example) that returns the  content (code)  of DTS packages - in this case the code in  MyPack1,  MyPack2, MyPack3 ?    The content (code)  --I mean all Select , Insert,  Update  statements in   MyPack1;   all Select , Insert,  Update  statements in MyPack2  ; all Select , Insert,  Update  statements in MyPack3.  Thanks
Question by:niceguy971
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Accepted Solution

randy_knight earned 160 total points
ID: 22782881
Kind of.  You can save your packages as  Visual Basic File which will give you VB6 code to create the package.  You would then need to parse that code to pull out the statements you want.

Just open the pakcage and go to Package -- > Save As.  Then choose Visual Basic file in the Location drop down.

Author Comment

ID: 22782911
Any other way ???  Is it possibe to write the code that loops thru each package and "reads" the content of the package???     Thanks
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Assisted Solution

by:Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins earned 160 total points
ID: 22783172
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Assisted Solution

by:Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins earned 160 total points
ID: 22783175
There is no way aroung having to use the DTS runtime, other than rewriting your code from scratch.  Period.
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Assisted Solution

by:Mark Wills
Mark Wills earned 180 total points
ID: 22787688
If you can code, then there is the DTS API, haven't used it before, but seems to be able to load from repository or from file... Here is an example from MS...
The following code example shows a function loading a package in one format and saving it in another:
Enum eDTSPkgFormat
End Enum
Public Function blnCopyDTSPackage( _
    ByVal strReposServerName As String, ByVal strReposDBName As String, _
    ByVal strReposUserName As String, ByVal strReposPassword As String, _
    ByVal blnReposNTAuth As Boolean, ByVal strSQLServerName As String, _
    ByVal strSQLSvUserName As String, ByVal strSQLSvPassword As String, _
    ByVal blnSQLSvNTAuth As Boolean, ByVal strPackageID As String, _
    ByVal strPackageVerID As String, ByVal strPackageName As String, _
    ByVal strPkgOwnerPwd As String, ByVal strPkgUserPwd As String, _
    ByVal strPkgUNCPath As String, ByVal dpfPkgSource As eDTSPkgFormat, _
    ByVal dpfPkgDestination As eDTSPkgFormat) As Boolean
'Copy the DTS package source to the destination format.
Dim objPackage      As DTS.Package2
Dim rsfFlags        As DTS.DTSRepositoryStorageFlags
Dim ssfFlags        As DTS.DTSSQLServerStorageFlags
Dim strPhase        As String       'load/save phase for error msg
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
'Copying the source to the destination in the same format is not supported.
If dpfPkgSource = dpfPkgDestination Then
    MsgBox "Same format for source and destination not supported", _
    Exit Function
End If
'Create the package object and calculate the storage flags.
Set objPackage = New DTS.Package
rsfFlags = IIf(blnReposNTAuth, DTSReposFlag_UseTrustedConnection, _
ssfFlags = IIf(blnSQLSvNTAuth, DTSSQLStgFlag_UseTrustedConnection, _
'Load the package from the specified storage type.
strPhase = "loading"
Select Case dpfPkgSource
        objPackage.LoadFromRepository _
            strReposServerName, strReposDBName, strReposUserName, _
            strReposPassword, strPackageID, strPackageVerID, _
            strPackageName, rsfFlags
        objPackage.LoadFromSQLServer _
            strSQLServerName, strSQLSvUserName, strSQLSvPassword, _
            ssfFlags, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPackageID, _
            strPackageVerID, strPackageName
        objPackage.LoadFromStorageFile _
            strPkgUNCPath, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPackageID, _
            strPackageVerID, strPackageName
End Select
'Save the package to the specified storage type.
strPhase = "saving"
Select Case dpfPkgDestination
        objPackage.SaveToRepository _
            strReposServerName, strReposDBName, strReposUserName, _
            strReposPassword, rsfFlags
        objPackage.SaveToSQLServer _
            strSQLServerName, strSQLSvUserName, strSQLSvPassword, _
            ssfFlags, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPkgUserPwd
        objPackage.SaveToStorageFile _
            strPkgUNCPath, strPkgOwnerPwd, strPkgUserPwd
End Select
blnCopyDTSPackage = True
Exit Function
MsgBox "Error " & strPhase & " DTS package: 0x" & Hex(Err.Number) & _
        vbCrLf & Err.Description, vbExclamation
Exit Function
End Function

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Author Comment

ID: 22847434
Thanks Mark! So you "...haven't used it before" ...Do you mind to give me a website where you found it?
MS website?? Thanks
LVL 51

Assisted Solution

by:Mark Wills
Mark Wills earned 180 total points
ID: 22847615
Sure,   MSDN :   and no, haven't used it before, but have been tempted to... Almost used it for migrating some packages.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 31509044

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