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Exchange 2003 Backup Problem

i am using Backup exec 11d. i have problem with infoormation store backup and single mail box backup . following are the error. please suggest me a solution.
Setup:-Exchnage 2003 running on windows 2003 with sp1

Job ended: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 4:41:27 PM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0008488 - Access is denied.
Final error category: Security Errors
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33928
Thanking You

Abdul Khader A.H
1 Solution
Hi, this may be the solution that you are looking for.
Here is a technote that describes what is needed to backup Exchange.
I believe you are using Brick-Level backup - this would primarily mean that the credentials which you are using should allow ESE to allow you to logon to the mailbox (using the tool of course) and allow export of the data. (Ideally this is what you are doing - i am comparing this to ExMerge - correct me if this is not the way symantec brick level backup works).

Hence, to test this - please open OL and open the mailbox which is you are trying to backup. If OL does not allow you to do this - i am sure Symantec would not also. Since both are using MAPI Calls to perform the same operation.

Symantec guys if any here - your opinion please.

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Most of the time this issue is caused because your Backup Exec Service account does not have access to the Information Store.  If you're not using a dedicated service account or you have changed the password to the service account you are using this can cause issues.  Most of the time it is preferable to make the service account a domain admin, otherwise you will need to do a lot of permission entries to have access to the resources.  

BTW, 11D does not do brick level mailbox as did version 9 and 10.  It is normally setup to do GRT backups which is a disk to disk technology.  If you're doing GRT directly to tape and you need to restore a single email or mailbox it will need to restore the whole information store to disk and then restore the individual items.

My $.02
@paulsolov: This supports and clears my thoughts about brick-level backups and Symantec.

Symantec talks about earlier editions of Backups.

"Prior to Backup Exec version 11d, the only way possible to backup and restore individual Exchange Mailboxes or Public Folders was via the MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) Legacy (brick-level) Method.  This type of backup was time consuming because for every mailbox backed up, the Backup Exec Service Account (BESA) had to logon and impersonate each user one at a time prior to backing that user's mailbox up.  The same Exchange Data also had to be backed up twice; once for disaster recovery purposes (i.e.:  Full Information Store Backup) and then again to be able to restore individual mailbox and public folder data."

So question lies - can we do a brick - level backup with 11D: Symantec Answers this with

"All though Legacy Mailbox Backups are no longer the preferred backup method, if this type of backup must be performed, the mailboxes and public folders should be in a separate job that runs after all the other data has been backed up."

Ref: http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/297076.htm

I wasn't much satisfied as to WHY Brick-Level backup is taken away - Answer to that is NO It Isnt.

"Even though the Individual Mailbox and Public Folders items feature (now known as "legacy mailbox support") is still available in Backup Exec 11d, the use of the Granular Restore Technology is the preferred method to allow the restore of individual items. Simply backup the Exchange Information Store databases with the "Enable the restore of individual mail messages and folders from Information Store backups" function for Exchange Backup defaults checked. Please read the Administrator's guide, readme and help documentation for details regarding the use and limitations of this feature."

Ref Link: http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/285753.htm

Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Brick Level was taken away because it is much faster to backup the whole information store and pull the data that is needed out vs going into each individual mailbox and every email. This is a disk to disk technology and thus needs to be restored to disk if it's on tape to work properly.  GRT just backs up the information store as a flat file (with quescing ofcourse) but that allows it have much better (up to 400% faster than brick level) throughput

Best practice is to do a normal backup of your servers to tape but exclude the information store.  Create another backup job of the information store to disk and create a duplicate job to append to tape.

This way if you need to pull an individual email or mailbox you already have the backup on disk
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:

The access denied error that you are getting would still be the case if you were doing brick level backups, there is an authentication issue that you're experiencing where the service account has problems accessing the information store.

What account are you using to run BE services?
"i am using Backup exec 11d. i have problem with infoormation store backup and single mail box backup "

Ok now that i have start reading and promoted from kindergarden to class II directly, can you please take both backups separately - since i read some where (damn forgot the link) if you take both backups together - there are problems and i believe that this is what you are facing.

So, let us take one backup at a time and see whats the result

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