I had to do a bios setup and install 3 drivers . I chatted to SONY and they lead me through the process with the correct drivers and the l shared libraryibrary. Now when I log back on it shows with ??? marks that I don't have 2 drivers. "ethernet controller & PCI modem. Also it won't boot properly without going to "press and Key" and then it shows "Windows XP" Can someone help me with this step by step process.Thanks. Maybe the laptop is no good.
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When you say it doesn't boot properly without going to "press and Key" what is the message you are getting on the "press any key" page?
What make is your laptop?  Have you installed the correct drivers for the NIC and modem?

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you need to do two things,

First- when you turn on you laptop go to BIOS Setup and reset it to default, there should be an option that say reset setup to default, save changes by pressing F-10 or it sould tell you how to save changes.

once you have done this you should be able to boot your machine normally,

Second: about your NIC and modem driver you need to download drivers if don't have them in your computer already.

The best thing is to use a different machine connected to internet if your laptop can't connect to internet.

go sony vaio drive download page 

select your model and operating system and download file into your hard drive,

once you have done that before you run the file, remove your NIC and Modem driver from device manger and then run these downloaded files,

you may have to restart your machine in the end, you should be ok after doing this,
any problem let me know, also please tell exact model and make and operating system of your laptop next time you post anything.

cheers ]

Right click on My Computer. Select Manage. Select Device Manager. In the right-hand window, choose a device that shows as Unknown or has a Yellow Exclamation mark. Click on the + next to it to expand on it. Right-click on it. Select Properties. Go to the Details tab. Select Device Instance Id. Click once on the string that looks like this: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1229&SUBSYS_00708086&REV_10\4&25296D99&0&50F0

Press Ctrl-C to copy the string and Ctrl-V to paste it into a message here.

Do this for each device for which you need drivers.

See these instructions, which include screen shots, if you need more help with the process.

Finding Device Manager Name and Plug'n'Play (PnP) ID
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hubbieAuthor Commented:
I have tried loading all of my drivers but it doesn't seem to keep the ethernet. I loaded these on a Jump drive and then installed them on  my laptop. it's a sony vaio pcg-k23. I'm at a loss on what to do. maybe it should be thrown out.
hubbieAuthor Commented:
I am having problems installing: ethernet controller & mass storage controller. I have a vaio pcg-k23 w/ windows xp
Can you follow my instructions above and post the Device Instance Ids for the problem devices? You don't need to be connected to the Internet for that.
hubbieAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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