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Posted on 2008-10-23
Last Modified: 2013-12-04
I have to print a page to pdf file format i am able to do it but the output is coming like when we do print screen manually i dont want the whole screen normally if we give print onlt text comes not menu bars and title bars i want it like that only.I dont know where  to change.I think i should make changes in GetSystemMetrics () function but what i should give i dont know.
void PrintScreen (HWND hWnd)


	HDC hScreenDC;

	if ((hScreenDC = GetDC (hWnd)) != NULL) {

		HDC hMemDC;

		if ((hMemDC = CreateCompatibleDC (hScreenDC))!= NULL) {

			HBITMAP hFullScreenBitmap;

			int iScreenWidth  = GetSystemMetrics (SM_CXFULLSCREEN);		   

			int iScreenHeight = GetSystemMetrics (SM_CYFULLSCREEN);		    			

			if ((hFullScreenBitmap = CreateCompatibleBitmap (hScreenDC, iScreenWidth, iScreenHeight)) != NULL) {

				HBITMAP hDefaultBitmap = (HBITMAP) SelectObject (hMemDC, hFullScreenBitmap);

				// From screen to memory:

				BitBlt (hMemDC, 0, 0, iScreenWidth, iScreenHeight, hScreenDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);

				SelectObject (hMemDC, hDefaultBitmap);

				SelectObject (hMemDC, hFullScreenBitmap);

				// Printing:

				PRINTDLG pd = {0}; // Reset on declare

				pd.lStructSize = sizeof (pd);


				pd.nFromPage = 1;

				pd.nToPage = 1;

				pd.nCopies = 1;

				if (PrintDlg (&pd)) {

					if (pd.hDC) {

						// Scaling to fit on a printer page:

						double dblScreenRatio = (double) iScreenWidth / (double) iScreenHeight;

						int xPrnPixelsPerPage = GetDeviceCaps (pd.hDC, PHYSICALWIDTH);

						int xPrnPixelsMargin = GetDeviceCaps (pd.hDC, PHYSICALOFFSETX);

						int yPrnPixelsMargin = GetDeviceCaps (pd.hDC, PHYSICALOFFSETY);

						int printedWidth = xPrnPixelsPerPage - xPrnPixelsMargin * 2;

						int printedHeight = (int) ((double) printedWidth / dblScreenRatio);

						DOCINFO di = {0};

						di.cbSize = sizeof (di);

						di.lpszDocName = "Print Full Screen";

						StartDoc (pd.hDC, &di);

						StartPage (pd.hDC);

						// FINALLY!

						StretchBlt (pd.hDC,

									xPrnPixelsMargin, yPrnPixelsMargin, printedWidth, printedHeight,

									hMemDC, 0, 0, iScreenWidth, iScreenHeight, SRCCOPY);

						EndPage (pd.hDC);

						EndDoc (pd.hDC);

						DeleteDC (pd.hDC);


					// Clean up after print dlg:

					if (pd.hDevMode) {

						GlobalFree (pd.hDevMode);


					if (pd.hDevNames) {

						GlobalFree (pd.hDevNames);



				SelectObject (hMemDC, hDefaultBitmap);

				DeleteObject (hFullScreenBitmap);


			DeleteDC (hMemDC);


		ReleaseDC (NULL, hScreenDC);



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Accepted Solution

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Rather than starting with the entire screen, why not start with the rectangle of your source window?  Assuming that you have the hWnd of your application program, you can get the coordinates of the inner part (not including the title bar, scrollbars, etc) by using:
   RECT rClient;
   GetClientRect(  hWnd,  &rClient );
Now use and .left as the top left corner of the source, and calculate the width by subtracting top and left from .bottom and .right.

Author Comment

ID: 22793412
Thanks for replying but ater using this also i am getting the same whole screen is getting printed not with title bars ,menu bars and all.I dont know where more should i make changes.


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