wireless network speed slow from PC to NAS

Ok here's the setup

I have a DLINK DNS 323 NAS Drive hardwired into my router with an ftp server set up on it for transferring files

If I FTP say a dvd movie using the wireless from my laptop HDD to the NAS I see speeds holding around the 1.6mb/s mark. if I hard wire my laptop into the router I see speeds of 11mb/s

I can't fathom this out - I read a few posts and change my MTU to 1300 and ensured I was sending out 54G via the router

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Wireless communication can be affected by a number of factors including environmental noise, conflicting wireless networks in the area, your distance from the access point and if you have line of site (no obstructions) between your laptop and the access point.
The first thing to look for is the existance of other wireless networks in your immediate area that are broadcasting on the same or an adjascent channel. You can test this by turning off your access point (router) and then searching for wireless networks with your laptop. Note the channels that each network is using and then change the channel used by your router so that tehre is at least 1 channel of separation between your channel and what others are using.
Also, make sure you are not locating any equipment adjascent to a microwave, cordless phone or other equipment that may emit electronic or RF noise.

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Wireless is slower than wired LAN, at least when you compare 100MB ethernet with 802.11g, and the speed you get also gets reduced by the distance, your environment, number of connections to the router etc.
24playAuthor Commented:
How do I see what channel they are on via vista?

I can see them in my list but unsure of the channels they are operating on

thank you
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24playAuthor Commented:
My router connections are

Xbox360 - off
DNS 323
Wireless Printer

I'm sat about 5-6ft from the router

I understand it will be slower than cable but surely it should be a lot faster then what it is
I'm not exactly sure but if you can see available networks I woudl imagine you may be able to hover over each one to get more information, or there may be a right-click context menu that will give you properties, more information or something like that.
Unfortunately I dont have a Windows Vista machine to test with so I am not exactly sure.
Yea, your location in relation to the router shoudl not be an issue. This is pointing more to a RF issue, so we definitely need to know if there are any other networks using the same channel.
One thing you can try would be to change the channel in the router especially if you are using teh default channel settings.
24playAuthor Commented:
Ok i will go give that a pop

I checked the wireless networks and from what I can see in Vista there is no way to check the channels they are broadcasting on

Will check back shortly
24playAuthor Commented:
Its made a difference but only up to 2.7mb/s

Good that means you likely have a number of other wireless networks in your area. You could try other channels to see if it improves, or worsens the situation.
The other thing to consider is making sure things like cordless phones and other RF emitting devices are off when you do your test. If you get good results try turning things back on one at a time.
24playAuthor Commented:
If I do a speedtest to my wireless laptop from 1 of the many sites that are available I get 7mb/s which is pretty much spot on

Yet transferring wirelessly to the NAS its still incredibly slow to what it should be

How is this possible?

I've tried all channels

We have no other RF devices close by
Ok, you may have resolved any possible conflict with other wireless networks. The next thing to look at is the configuration of the NAS and your laptop. You have already mentioned there is no problem over the wired network so the next thing to look at are the settings of the laptop.
  1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your Wireless Network Adapter
  2. Right-click your Network Conection>Properties> try unbinding TCP/IPv6 to
    see if that helps.
The following guide has more information about Tweaking Windows Vista settings, look for the Network Settings section:
There are links to other pages, on the site above, that may also be of some help.
One quick question. I assume you are using FTP to transfer the file, is this correct?
24playAuthor Commented:
Thats correct - the NAS has a built in FTP server

I will try what you suggest and report back

24playAuthor Commented:
apologies for the late response

I tried a number of things and in the end changed the firmware in the router to a custom build I found on the web and it let me change a great number of things which ultimately resolved alot of it

On another note I found that 3mb/s is pretty much the max - which I find very strange but I found a few websites that confirm that speed
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