How to script Exchange powershell commands?

I would like to run a Exchange cmdlet from a PowerShell command line inside an ASP web page using wscript object.  

The code look like this:

set wshell=CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") "%COMSPEC% /C C:\Windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe -PSConsoleFile 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin\exshell.psc1' -command "". 'set-mailbox [username] -ApplyMandatoryProperties'"", 0, TRUE
set wshell=nothing

Essentially I just want to run the above set-mailbox command inside of an ASP page WITHOUT putting set-mailbox command in a ps1 file and execute it.  Could you tell me what is the best way to do it?

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I apologize for my lack of knowledge of powershell (I haven't hopped on the bandwagon just yet)..  What is it, exactly, you are trying to do?  If you can't get the PS to execute properly from within the ASP page, why not just use the corresponding VBS code?  If you tell me what you're trying to modify I can most likely provide the VBS...
TaraCAuthor Commented:
I want to create a Exchange 2007 mailbox properly with using an ASP page.  I'm able to create mailbox on Exchange 2007 and able view the mailbox using Outlook but unable to open within OWA.  By running the command above (straight from Powershell) Exchange 2007 will set all the properties correctly and allow me to open the mailbox with/from OWA.
We're just doing something wrong with the syntax of the line.  
Does that help?
So if I'm understanding correctly, you're trying to modify the "Outlook Web Access" setting under "Protocols" on the "Exchange Features" tab of the user.  Is that correct?

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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TaraCAuthor Commented:
bottom line is, I want to create an Exchange 2007 mailbox properly with using an ASP page and I don't have the syntax right.  I need to put this,
New-Mailbox -Name 'Qtest Q. testme' -Alias 'testmqq1' -OrganizationalUnit ' Accounts/Accounts-New' -UserPrincipalName '' -SamAccountName 'testmqq1' -FirstName 'Qtest' -Initials 'Q' -LastName 'testme' -Password 'System.Security.SecureString' -ResetPasswordOnNextLogon $true -Database '<db1>'
inside of an ASP page and how it create the account and mailbox in the right database.   When we try, the syntax isn't correct.
oh... btw 'System.Security.SecureString'  is a .NET type. It cannot be passed as a string.

-password will require the test password be converted to secure string
TaraCAuthor Commented:
This case ID can be closed.  This was not the solution we were looking for.
Thank you,

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