Need Step-by-Step instructions to get BackupPC installed on Centos5

I want to get BackupPC installed on a Centos5 box.  I  Need help with this.  I have just stood up the box again and need some guidance.  I see that other versions of linux have this done for them but i am more comfortable with Centos. I want this to successfully backup 2 machines when we get this install done.
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TuxxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will be best off reading the manual.

Use this if the installation instructions are not clear enough.
you mean, backup of your files from SErver to another server ??

if you want from server to pc
then use bellwo backup script with cron job

I am assuming, you have set up your backup server to logon to main server automaticaly by using RSYNC

#Remote backup script - fosiul

TODAY=`date '+%A'`

rsync -e ssh -avz --delete root@workshop:/public $DESTROOT/workshop
## use your own path

#Archive todays files
tar czvf $DESTROOT/archived/${TODAY}-workshop.tar.gz $DESTROOT/workshop > $DESTROOT/archived/${TODAY}-archived.log

in crontab -e

00 3 * * 1-5 /root/bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1

you need to give full permission to this backup script.

let me know if you need any explanation

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Have a look at bellow tutorial,
almost similier , you can always change it according to your needs

knightdogsAuthor Commented:
your answer pointed me to this and this is the step-by-step i was looking for.

knightdogsAuthor Commented:
this is what i ended up using as a step-by-step guide.  very good.
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