How do I deal with an application that needs Administrator permissions to run, in a non-administrator account?

My application seems to need Administrator permissions to run.  When I try to run it on a non-Administrator login, I get the following error:
>>>>>  Start of error <<<<<<<<<
Director Player 6.0
Unable to copy the driver file C:\WINDOWS\dirdib.drv to your Windows directory.
Your disk may be full.
>>>>>  End of error <<<<<<<<<

Is there any way to create a bat file that would somehow launch the application with "Run as Administrator" permissions?

Dwight BaerStudentAsked:
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If you haven't already tried it.
Right click the icon and select "Run As"
And put in the administrator credentials

Hope this helps
1.Try turning off UAC (user account control)
2.did you try right click on the short cut and choose "run as administrator"?  Look like the player is trying to upgrade something to windows/system32 directory
3.Right Click on the App exe and choose PROPERTIES.
Click on the "Compatibility" tab> And select "Always Run as Administrator".
One of these two options should clear you from having to execute the "Allow" prompt when asked to do so whn you launch the application. Hope this helps.
Dwight BaerStudentAuthor Commented:
1.  I can't give my non-admin users access to the Administrator password.  So "Run as" isn't an option.
2.  This is XP ... so no UAC.
3.  On my "Properties --> Compatibility" tab I don't see "Always run as Administrator".  All I see is "Run this program in Compatibility Mode for ..." with the choices of 2000, NT 4, W98 and W95.

I see "runas.exe" under C:\Windows\System32.  Is there a syntax that I can use this in a batch file to launch the application as administrator?  I could supply the administrator password in the batch file script, which hopefully would be invisible to the user.  Thanks.
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Dwight BaerStudentAuthor Commented:
OK ... I tried using "runas.exe ..."  It works, except I don't see in the usage any way to supply the password within the batch file that's calling the application.  So I'm left with the same problem - I can't have the end-user typing in the administrator password.

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Dwight BaerStudentAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, sk raja raja!  I haven't completely resolved this issue but it's going to take me a while to digest those links.  And I think the answers are there.
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