two apache.exe running?

hey guys,

My issue is that when I go to windows task manager > processes > and setup up the "Mem Usage" from highest used to lowest used, I see two Apache.exe files running under the "system"

One is 20k and the other is 28k. They are 4th and 5th on my list.

These seem preety high and I dont even know what they are used for. I was told that these are server setup files that need to be ran on a PC that is acting like a server in any way. Which is not the case for me.

I do however, have a custom program that my programmer made for me that is a local cpu program and calls for certain files from my pc. How could I find out if the apache files are being called from that program?  If anything, it should be only 1 apache file.

Please give me the instructions on how to solve this issue and possibly take out the apache files.

thanks in advance
take care
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What is apache.exe? Is apache.exe spyware or a virus?
It doesn't appear to be a particularly critical file, but if you wished to take it further there is a method described here on how to remove at least one of the files>

Apache.exe - More Than One?
Incidently have you actually scanned for Malware and viruses?

If in doubt, try scanning with RootkitRevealer v1.71

Also try the Kaspersky free online virus scanner which is a good way to find out if you have any viruses or spyware without having to uninstall your existing antivirus software>

Another very popular scanner right now is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
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jshussainAuthor Commented:
"Incidentally have you actually scanned for Malware and viruses?"
Yeah I have Kaspersky and it found nothing.

I read some of those links and it looks like this is not a virus issue.
The reason why there is two of them is because...

1. Is being used for the program that my programmer made (the local one), which uses php, and because I dont want that program on the web, apache needs to run in order for the program to work on my computer as local files. I'm assuming thats one of the apache.exes and why it running.
"It is used to run the Apache server, basiclly if you code in PHP and dont want ot upload to a server to test this allows it, si one way of explaining it, the offical site explaisn it better" - from one of the links.
- This one above seems on point because once I stopped one of the apache.exe, my local program stopped working. And I plan to keep the local program so the first apache.exe is good to stay.

2. I also have a Nvidia video card and its been said that Apache is ran as a firewall.
"Part of Nvidia Forceware on all Nfoce 3 & Nforce 4 chipsets both socket 754 & 939 This allows you acces to the chips hardware firewall & ehternet  See also: Link "

"Apache Web Server as others said. My Apache Group files are located in my NVIDIA Network Access Manager program folder.

ALP      Is launched by the control panel for the NVIDIA hardware firewall feature found on some nForce-based motherboards. "

Now I'm trying to figure out the right way to un-install the Nvidia firewall apache.exe since it doesnt seem like something that has to be running.
jshussainAuthor Commented:
I ran a program called "ibprocman"

which I found on this link,

Also i ran hijcak this, to figure out exactly what programs are running apache.

Looks like both of them are running from the local program my programmer has made.

So now its not a Nvidia issues, its only the local program issue. Which i decided that I should get rid of if its going to use up that much memory.

I un-installed the local program and restarted and it looks like that didnt solve it and apache is still running in the background, hogging up memory.

Could you help me figure out a way to un-install apache?

You could try running Process Explorer version 11.13:
See if you can spot the offending apache file then double click it.  Select the Services Tab.    See if you can see what services are being run.  

This guide might be useful >

Also this previous thread may help>
"How to use sysinternals to find out why computer responding slowly":

Failing that method, perhaps take another look at HijackThis which may be able to 'remove' apache.

Have to log off shortly, will drop by in the morning ...

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Haven't time to study this article tonight but will leave it with you>

apache.exe file information:
jshussainAuthor Commented:
hey Jonvee, thanks much for your help. I figured out how to take the two apache.exe files off my system processes. I basically had to un install the custom program my programmer originally installed for me.

Thanks very much for your help.
Your very welcome, thank you.
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