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I am setting up OUTBOUND EMAIL FILTERING with a 3rd party spam control site. I'm being asked to establish a smart host or relay on my mail server, directing outbound mail flow through the filtering service.  Where do I do this?

I have MS Exchange 2007 hub and edge transport servers.
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jwilliams7Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was informed by my that there is outbound activity in their hosted portal for my spam filtering now but Ithey do not see the hosted as a hop in the headers of the test message that I sent them.  Is there anyway to test that and possibly correct it to where it is?
hi there, please locate the smtp connector which has the * symbol as the address space on your edge server.
there is a tab there, which currently will have use dns to send my mail.
you now need to say sent to a smart host then enter the ip address of the outbound filtering service provider in square brackets e.g. []
click ok.
now all outbound mail from the edge server will be sent through this server.
BertlingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
following my last message.. this is the connector on the edge you want to look for:
then add the smart host entry in the network tab
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jwilliams7Author Commented:
but when i hit apply, it kicks back an error and says that it cannot be saved and that i would have to do the changes at the hub server for it to replicate over, is that correct?  I guess im using my hub as the internal and external mail sender which im not sure how, i want to make sure it goes through edge as far as outbound flow.  I do know there is a connector on my hub which points to my edge, should i go to that connector and perform the same steps?  Do i need to check off "Use external DNS settings on the transport server?"
The SMTP connector that Bertling is talking about can be found by;

1) Open the Exchange Management Console
2) Expand the Organization Configuration
3) Click on Hub Transport
4) Click on the Send Connectors
5) Right click on Internet and choose properties
6) Click on the Address Space tab
7) Highlight the SMTP connector by clicingk on the SMTP connector that has a star
8) Click the Edit button
9) Modify the Address field as Bertling suggested []
10) Click the OK button to close the SMTP Edit screen and click on the OK button again to close the Internet Properties screen.

Now you should be set to send email out though your smart host.
jwilliams7Author Commented:
So how come i cant setup the smarthost on my network tab for the internet connector poiting to my edge if i want it to go directly through there for outbound, would that work as well, please advise, thanks.
You're right you would want to use the Network tab not the address space tab.  Address space is if you have multiple servers that share the same SMTP connector and have the same domain suffix.  That's not what you want.  Use the Network tab and the Route mail though the following smart hosts.  Which is probably what you've already done.

I admit that I didn't do much to help but I think that Bertling deserves some points.

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