Calculating time in an Access report

I have a table in my database that I wish to report on.  The data is organized as follows:

EventDate - DATE field
EventResult - TEXT field

There are 8 possible results, and the table looks something like this....

EventDate              Result
10/23/08 12:01        RED
10/23/08 12:02        BLU
10/23/08 12:02        RED
10/23/08 12:03        RED
10/23/08 12:04        GRN
10/23/08 12:05        RED
10/23/08 12:06        YEL
10/23/08 12:08        BLU
10/23/08 12:09        GRN
10/24/08 12:01        RED
10/24/08 12:02        RED
10/24/08 12:03        BLU
10/24/08 12:03        RED
10/24/08 12:07        YEL
10/24/08 12:08        RED

What I want to do is sub-total (count) the records and also determine the amount of time passed.  


8 minutes
AVG 1 per minute

7 minutes
AVG .85 per minute

I have worked out most of the problem with counting the 'subtotals' in the report by using a DCOUNT funtion in the group footer (thanks to help in another post!) but I have no idea how to attack the calculation of time passed from the first event to the last event for each day.  It's simple math ...  DATE2-DATE1=TIME ELAPSED, but how to I capture what the value for the first event of each day, the last event of each day, and calculate the difference between them by group?

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Try using the min and max aggregate function in your report's query.

so max(Time1)-min(Time2)=time elapsed

I'll try it as well to see what i get.
Hi callstate,
DMAX - DMIN over the same criteria should work.
So on the report you may need to play with the Result field sum calculation.  
But if you list all the time values in the detail of the report you can add a field in the date's group footer with a value like......


[Time] being the name of the time value field in your table/query
Creating this Time field by .... Time: Format([EventDate],'hh:mm')

Should work.

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