Create new index to improve performance

I have a table with following structure:

ItemID    BigInt          Primary Key
ItemCode varchar(10)
ItemName varchar(60)

In most queries, I am using ItemID for joins. But in some queries, need has arisen to fetch records on the basis of ItemName. I am noticing slight performance degradation as items list is growing.

I want to know that if I create an index on ItemName, will it improve the performance of the query? What else I can do to improve the performance of the query where I am fetching with ItemName and not ItemID?
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jorge_torizResearch & Development ManagerCommented:
ON YourTable (ItemName)

and create another nonclustered index in the other table that you are using for join
SQL Server Index Tuning

An Introduction to Clustered and Non-Clustered Index Data Structures
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rpkhareAuthor Commented:
I am using MySQL.

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Dunno about MYSQL but a rule of thumb is to index things after the WHERE clause in your sql code i.e.

Select * FROM tbl_x WHERE Blah = @var

I would then ensure you at least have an index on column Blah

Same with joins... your join columns should be indexed too.
check for the number of Insert and number of time that same column used in select, because if the number of insert are more then it will take more time to update the index and it will imact the performance of the system, so you have to check for both the scenario and then apply index to it.
rpkhareAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.
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