/var is 1GB and Full. Keepsfilling up. Sendmail or Cron not working

VAR is 100% full and fills every time I clear it.
/var/spool/mqueue fills but files are zero kb.
I was going to use lsof  to check (actually lsof32)  but missing files.
Ive moved over 30 MB away and cleared tmp , but keeps filling to 100%...
System is HP UX  - B.10.20 D

thanks in advance

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The files in /var/spool/mqueue could be from cronjobs.

If you want to get rid of all the output from the crontab entries you should consider piping it.

55 23 * * * /var/minime/night_jobs.sh >> /tmp/minime.log 2>&1

55 23 * * * /var/minime/night_jobs.sh > /dev/null 2>&1
stephengriffinAuthor Commented:
Hi Peter, thanks for response.
I can work on something like this after I resolve first issue.

Problem is that it fills up in a few seconds and im trying to soft link various dirs out so I can save the space..
Try to find what is filling up.

Example of finding files bigger than...

#> find /var -size +800000c -ls | awk '{print $7,$11}' | sort +n

#> find /var -size +2000000c -ls | awk '{print $7,$11}' | sort +n

#> find /var -size +8000000c -ls | awk '{print $7,$11}' | sort +n

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Have you tried a reboot?

Deleting files on the run in /tmp can be hazardous to the system.
must be it is using by some process, did you check with TOP utility and Defunct  or zombic  process any..

ps aux | awk '{ print $8 " " $2 }' | grep -w Z  >>> find the zombic/diffcunt process
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