Audigy 2ZS Platinum Media Source missing applications

Hi there,

I have recently updated drivers for the Audigy 2ZS Platinum hardware and Creative Media Source 5 software off the Creative web site along with plugins available.  Running under XP Pro, 3.1 GHz Core duo with 3GB memory.  Software runs very well but,

Some of applications that were present on the original install CD do not appear to be supported under the new driver when installed,

New driver is,
" File Name : SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0001.exe
This download is a driver providing Microsoft® Windows Vista® and Windows® XP support for Creative Sound Blaster® Audigy® series audio devices."

I am unable to determine if some of the apps off the original CD are no longer supported.  I have tried to install but there is too much interferance or they just do not work.  I can't see from the Creative forums whether anything is being done about this issue.

Wondering if anyone has any perls of wisdom to put me out of my misery.



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Rikki27Author Commented:

I uninstalled all Creative apps and drivers then loaded only the applications that are on the original install disk that was supplied with the hardware.  Once all that was installed, I then went to the Creative website and asked it to update software and drivers.

This has produced mixed results.   The newer applications such as Creative Media Source 5 works well however the equalizer still is unable to load.

I'll close this question here and wait until I reinstall the OS one day, at which time I'll try to load only SP2 which may solve some of the issues.


for you assistance.
Hi Rikki27 are you're running xpsp3 or xpsp2?
In my humble opinion these days anyway, I would stick with original drivers off the setup discs. If it's not broken don't fix it.
Updating drivers seem to cause more problems than it's worth.
My opnion again all these drivers are trying to upgrade your system to Vista.
XP SP3 is kind a Vista prep.
I kept my sanity with xpsp2 and have no problems since my system is mainly used for video editing
Often times if any remnents of the previous drivers are still there could cause problems.
Such as start menue lisitings, empty folders in porgramfiles.

Also stick with Audagy drivers from the website not Microsoft.
Like nvidia I only upgrade from Nvidia.
EAX usually bundles with the OEM original mainboard drivers.
Did you upgrade to this card?
What's your system?

These drivers should be right for xpsp2
Rikki27Author Commented:
I am running XP Pro SP3.
MB Gigabyte EP45-DS3R; BIOS ver F6; Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 LGA 775 @ 3.16GHz;
Memory 4x1024 Mb PC2-8900 Kingston 1065MHz (only 3 sticks recognised in XP of course), Saphire ATI Radeon HD 4850 Toxic; PS Antec 1000W;  Recent upgrade, not a branded system.

I had the Audigy 2ZS Platinum Card and front panel module installed on the previous MB without problems.  The hardware and software are all Creative, the software downloaded off the Creative website.  I also stick to original manufacture sites for upgrades.  It appears to work well in this system except for the missing add in apps that were on the original CD that will not run under the new driver.  Seems that there is no fix via the Creative site.

I'll have to decide how much I want the add in apps such as the equilizer and special effects to determine if it is worth reverting to SP2.

Is it possible to revert to SP2 without a complete reinstall of the OS?
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Sounds like you installed the updated driver first.
check this
Did you change the mainboard?
What happens if you completely remove these drivers then install the setup disc drivers only?
This card is not that out dated but one thing I have noticed the new drivers for video seemed geared towards to directx 10.
Of course Vista uses directx 10.
Check which version of directx you have with xpsp3.

Did you have xp sp2 onboard previously with this mainboard?
Then you can roll back.
How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 3 from your computer
Good luck
Rikki27Author Commented:

I did install the updated driver first, seemed like the logical thing to do.  One would innocently expect Creative to have included all previous wonderful capacity with added improvements in the new roll out.  Obviously not.

The mother board is brand new.

I did try installing the old apps including the drivers just as the automatic install disc does.  I did this over the top of the new drivers and apps but the old apps were not functional, the old apps couldn't find a dll or two when I tried to open them and they also didn't appear in the list of add/remove programs.  In the end I just deleted the creative program folder and started again.

I'll uninstall the creative suite this time and then reinstall the apps from the original CD first. I'll then try to update via the creative website although I am now not confident that it would bring any benefits.  

I had direct x 10 loaded courtesy of the new video card installed with the upgrade as I remember it installing however I think direct x 9 is now in place.

I just installed the Microsoft updates using the update manager when installing the OS fresh.  I note from the list of installed updates on the computer that SP2 appears to be conspicuous by its absence and only SP3 is present.  I guess that I can remove SP3 then install SP2?  I am a bit wary of doing this as I do not want to corrupt the OS and then have to reinstall everything again.

It will probably take me 24hrs to get through all of this with interruptions and all.

I'll keep checking this post in case you have further advice following on from this comment.



hang in there with rolling back to xpsp2 Rikki27
With your approval i'd like to try and fix this problem first it is drivers.
Often times re-installing these cards requires a clean windows. Any chance you have an onboard video card?
If the card was reinstalled using it's setup that hopefully should solve your problem.
but to get back to original
the way to do this, or how I woudl do this,
reboot but tap F8 then select from the options start the computer in vga mode so that no drivers are running at all.
Uninstall everything associated with it.
Reboot then use the setup disc. When windows finds new hardware ignore it.
That's where problems can start because windows uses it's own directx.
Otherwise you'll have to try safemode uninstall reboot back to safemode then install the original drivers off the disc.
I have nvidia and like your card require the correct directx version as per the original video card setup disc.
Could be a conflict with sp3 and the directx used there and your video card.
Good luck look forward to your progress.
Rikki27Author Commented:
Just want to close this question and move on.  Spent too much time on it already without resolution.
Thank you for the points Rikki27
Hope you find a full solution.

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