How to network a USB printer with Macs and Windows on a LAN?


I managed to get the brother MFC 7220 USB (non-network) printer working on my LAN with the Macs and Windows XP and Vista machines? I have the USB printer hooked to a Windows XP machine. The only problem is that everytime I reboot the XP (which is not very often) I have to re-enter the printer in the Mac printer set up.

For the protocal I select "Line Printer Daemon - LPD".
For the address I enter the IP of the Windows XP computer wherein the brother USB printer is hooked to.
For the queue I enter the name of the USB printer.

The address states enter "host name or IP". Since the router is set to dynamic the IP changes everytime I reboot.

Initially, I set a static IP via the router (Belkin F5D8233-v4v3) and this works. For some odd reason I could not connect to the Internet on the Windows XP computer wherein the brother printer was attached to. Everything else works fine. I can share files and the printer worked great. Even if I rebooted the XP machine the Mac computer could print. If I set up a static IP to the XP machine then how do I set up the Belkin router so the XP machine can still access the Internet? I think it's something fairly simple to set up.

Any help is appreciated.
Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAsked:
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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know of any print server that will share the multi-functions of Brothers. The D-Link DPR-1260 works with the MFC-7720, but only for printing, not sharing the scanner function. So if you want to go with a print server, keep that caveat in mind. If you're sharing the scanner in the current setup, let's work on getting the internet access working through the belkin.

First, I see no facility in the F5D8233-4 of any version for reserving an IP address to hand out to the same device each time with its DHCP server, which is probably why you had to re-enter the settings after every reboot, because the belkin would give it a different IP address nearly every time. So I presume you mean you set a static IP on that computer. If that's what you did, you would also need to set the Default Gateway and a DNS Server below where you enter the IP and subnet mask.
If you didn't set either of those it could stop it from finding the internet.  To see what to use for both of those, go to about any computer with internet access from your network, open a command prompt window and run
ipconfig /all
it should list a default gateway and at least 1 DNS server, and they're often the same IP address.
Just enter those data in the same screen you set the static IP address and everything should be able to find your printer, and that computer should still have internet access.
I would get a print server and have all clients printing direct with TCP/IP
HP has thier jet directs which are around $175, you can get other brands which are cheaper.
Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Is it possible to set up a linux box to enable mapping of host names from the mac to the XP computer. In other words, Vista and XP computers can access each other via the host name in the same workgroup but the mac cannot automatically do this. Are there any step-by-step tutorials on this set up? I'd like each computer to access each other via the host name IF this is in fact easier to do.

However, Dar247, I will try as you suggested which is to set the Default Gateway, DNS server below the settings of the XP computer. I did do it but I'm thinking perhaps I entered the incorrect info in these fields. I'll double-check via the ipconfig /all command.

Please let me know if you know if I should end up setting a linux box for all of this.

Much thanks,
>  In other words, Vista and XP computers can access each other via the host name in the same
> workgroup but the mac cannot automatically do this

While that's technically true, they mostly rely on TCP/IP and DNS (HOSTS and LMHOSTS files). Windows versions prior to XP did that mostly with NetBEUI (NetBIOS Extended User Interface). NetBEUI was introduced in Win 3.11, which did not include a TCP stack at all. But NetBEUI is not installed on XP and later by default, and it's not even available in the Add->Protocol->Microsoft screen from the bindings dialog... you have to dig around on the XP install CD to find it, and even then its readme says not to install it unless advised to do so by microsoft support. I don't know if they put it on the vista DVD's or not.
But at any rate, that method has been deprecated for many years now.

It appears the biggest problem with sharing Brother MFC printers with Macs is the Brothers don't support postscript printing.
At least that's what the compatibilty list ( says for this device -

Does the MFC-7220 support PS printing?
Victor KimuraSEO, Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
My apologies for the extremely tardy response. I've been remiss in my duties to give credit where due.

The Brother MFC 7220 doesn't support postscript. However, I didn't manage to get the mac to work on the LAN via a windows xp computer. It works fine. But the one issue is that if I need to reboot the router or the xp then the ip is dynamically addressed. I never could get the xp to have a static ip AND still access the internet even when setting the proper DNS and gateway on the xp. Strange. I should've purchased a network printer with postscript capability. The next laser colour printer will have these features though for our small business.
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