VPN error 800 no pptp?

Last night my windows xp laptop decided to loose all of its IP stack info.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled my LAN and Wireless NIC and this is functioning properly.  My only problem left is that I can no longer use my VPN connections.  I get an error 800 as if the servers are not there.  This is definitely a problem on my end.

I tried uninstalling the wan miniport and recreating the vpn connection.  My only possible clue is that my connection details say they are for L2TP and not PPTP.

Any idea how I can get connect to my remote networks again?
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lstankeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
For the first time ever....restore points saved me.  thanks
Paolo SantiangeliConsulente InformaticoCommented:
have a look here:

and check the ms firewall.

lstankeAuthor Commented:
None of these items apply.  thanks

Paolo SantiangeliConsulente InformaticoCommented:
lstankeAuthor Commented:
Yes I have ....Did that before I realized that I needed to remove and readd the NICs.  Wireless and LAN work fine.  I suspect I have a miniport problem.  Just dont know what it is.
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