How do I allow File and Print sharing on a Meraki Network

I have installed a 2 Meraki Indoor Gateways, one is installed as a gateway and the other as a repeater.  The Gateway is connected to a Linksys router.
I'd like to share a printer attached to the Linksys router, when I browse for the computer it doesn't find it on the network.  The Linksys is on the following networ, the Meraki is on, I don't understand how this would ever work with the machines on different networks.

I found a post on their suppotr site that says to allow printer sharing se the following "Prevent users from accessing your LAN swith to no", I did that and the computer is still not visible to the computer on the Meraki.

I also found a setting that says "Make wired clients part of Private Wifi Network" with no explanation of what that means or does.

Has anyone ever shared a printer across the network and if so how, be very explicit in your reply

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> (Linksys is on), the Meraki is on

Turn off the DHCP Server in the Meraki gateway. Set both Meraki units to static IPs (e.g. and Unplug the cable from the Meraki gateway's WAN port and instead plug it into one of its LAN ports. Leave the DHCP Server in the Linksys unit enabled, and its default range from with 50 users (i.e. to should be fine.

That will make the first Meraki act as an access point instead of a router; the second Meraki will continue as a repeater, and they should be linked to each other by MAC address, so giving them IPs in the network should accomplish what you want.
c7c4c7Author Commented:
There is no way to turn off DHCP on the Meraki Device.
From the Meraki FAQ:

How do I access another internal LAN device like my printer or another computer?

Currently this is a limitation of our product if you are accessing one host on the Meraki 10.x.x.x to another host on the Meraki 10.x.x.x. This is a feature that is on our feature roadmap.

Workarounds include using 3rd party applications like Hamachi (

If you are accessing a host from the Meraki 10.x.x.x network to a host that is on the same network as the interface of your gateway Mini then the Mini will route to it. In order to enable this functionality, be sure to set the "Prevent users from accessing your LAN" swith to no on your Dashboard. This setting is on the Configure tab under "Advanced"

For example:
DSL Modem -- Switch on the network -- Meraki gateway node ----- wireless host on the 10.x.x.x/8 network

Unless your network is configured to block access to the LAN, the wireless host will be able to route to hosts on the network.

So it looks like all you should need to do is, set the "Prevent users from accessing your LAN" switch to 'no' on your Dashboard, as it says above.  Because the Linksys shouldn't block traffic coming from the Meraki's 192.168.x.x WAN port since it's connected to the Linksys LAN port. I didn't even look at the link, btw... that's just pasted from their FAQ.

Anyway... that setting's on the Configure tab, under Advanced, in the 'Security' section.

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c7c4c7Author Commented:
Meraki creates areally strong signal to extend your wireless, but ite lack of user interface to modify it's network configuration really is a pain and causes a lot of problems when trying to use it in a consumer environment.

I finally ended up setting every other PC's on the other networks to fixed addresses and creating Host and LMhost Files.  

Thanks for the help
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