Images display as thumbnails when Size Mode is set to Clip

One computer (out of the hundreds running the same database) is displaying all images that are included on reports (size mode set to clip) as thumbnails.

The setup is pretty basic: Reports that need to print onto a pre-arranged form have the form scanned into the computer and set as their background, so the the report can just fill in the appropriate information and print the completed form out.

Apparently, something is causing this computer to improperly render images in Access.  The image displays properly outside of Access, and also displays properly when set to zoom or stretch from within Access.  Any idea what could be causing this?

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

1. You listed 3 versons of Office.
What version is the faulty computer running?

Could be many things:
Outdated Video Drivers
Wrong Video Drivers
Windows "Video" settings (XP style versus Clasic style, )
Screen resolution
Refresh Rate
Color depth
Apperance "Effects"

So, the first thing you shoud do is download and install all the latest:
Updated Video Drivers
Service Packs for Windows *and* office.

cgmyescoAuthor Commented:
The problem occurs on:
Access 2000 SR-1
Access 2002/XP with SP3
Access 2003 Runtime (with or without SP3)
Access 2007 Runtime (with or without SP1)

And now the problem is occuring in 2 seperate offices at 2 completely different businesses.

I have ruled out video drivers being the problem at both locations.   I have ruled out windows and office updates at 1 location.  I will bring the other location up to date to see if it helps, but I have a feeling that it will not.

Screen resolution and color-depth should not be a factor.  Access Reports scale based on the selected printer, paper size, and page setup settings.

The text and general layout of the report scale properly, but the background image is getting shrunk down to thumbnail size (for whatever reason) only on these 2 trouble machines.

I think we can also safely rule out refresh rate, as the problem occurs not only when viewing the report on-screen, but also when printing it.

Any additional ideas?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

    "Any additional ideas?"
What happens if you simply recreate the report?

If it displays correctly with the size mode as "Stretch" then why not just size it correctly in that mode and leave it?

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cgmyescoAuthor Commented:
I have around 2,000 reports that would need to be modified if I switched to stretch.  The images would have to be resized, cropped, and the positioning of the fields on the reports would need to be adjusted.  There's no way I could bill anyone for this, so I'd really rather SOLVE the problem instead of working around it.

Clip has worked for years, and continues to work on 99% of computers.

As far as recreating the report:  The 2 problem computers don't just exhibit this behavior on 1 report, it is for ALL reports that utilize a background image.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

OK, then on these two computers, can you try another image type?
Bitmap(bmp), Jpeg(jpg) and Graphics Interchange Format (gif) are all valid.

It may be that the file associations for some file types may not be set correctly for these computers.

cgmyescoAuthor Commented:
I have made further progress in narrowing down the problem: It only occurs when Office 2007 or Access 2007 runtime are installed or have been installed and removed.

On the 2 problem computers the users had installed Office 2007 Basic on top of their existing office installations, and later removed it.

I was able to reproduce the problem on my computer by installing Access 2007 runtime on top of an existing Office 2003 installation.

This appears to be a problem specific to Office 2007.  I am trying to dig up an Office 2007 CD to install.   I will do additional research and report back with my findings.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Some hints:
Install SP1 for Office 2007 *And* the subsequent Hotfixes.
(Most people wrongly assume that installing SP1 is all they need)

Good luck and keep me posted

cgmyescoAuthor Commented:
The results are in: Images must be approximately 10 times larger to be displayed at the same size when upgrading from a previous version to Office 2007.

The clip size mode still works properly, but the scaling is different from previous versions.  Microsoft must have done this to allow for more hi-res background images to be used on reports.

Unfortunately this breaks my functionality and I have to revamp all of my reports.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

"10 times larger"
In terms of what?

Image Dimensions?
Image Resolution?
Image Byte Size?

cgmyescoAuthor Commented:

Pre-Office 2007, an image that is 600x772 would fill up 1 entire page when size mode is set to clip.

In Office 2007, I don't have the exact dimensions yet, but you need something closer to 4704x6128 to fill 1 entire page with size mode set to clip.

It seems MS has changed the way they size/scale images and has opted for a more hi-res approach than in previous versions.

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