Network adaptor disconnections under load

Hello Experts,

I have a SBS2003 system running in a virtual machine under Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.

I have another virtual machine running XP Pro, which I run uTorrent on.

Whenever I need to download a torrent and save it on the SBS2003 system, it isn't long before the SBS2003 machine suddenly reports that the network cable is unplugged. I can disable/enable the adaptor within the SBS2003 system and it works again, but only for a while.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this type of problem and might know of a way to solve it?
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What type of network card is on the host. I know that there have been some issues with certain NICs (like Broadcom) with the network adapters temporarily turning off. I would recommend that you update the drivers to the latest version.

TOE can also cause some of these issues. What host OS are you using? If you are using Windows server 2003, you can apply the following hotfix: You should also apply that hotfix to the SBS 2003 VM at a minimum. If you look at the list of possible problems that the hotfix resolves for SBS2003, you will see that there are a lot of network related issues that TOE causes.
OzoneFriendlyAuthor Commented:
Hi Brent;

I'll go investigate that and get back to you; The current network adaptor that is causing the trouble is a TP-Link TG-3269 Gigabit adaptor. I have been thinking of putting one or two more different cards in and playing around, but in the mean time I'll check out the KB Article.

Oh, and the host OS is just XP Pro; Sometime I want to move to a Hyper-V setup, but that's a way off and I'd love to solve this problem for now :-)
OzoneFriendlyAuthor Commented:
The patch hasn't fixed the problem, and the network adaptor I am using doesn't have the features mentioned further down in that KB article.

Guess it's time to put new hardware in the host machine and see what happens?

Do you only have issues when utorrent is used? It is possible that utorrent is using all of your system resources and causing the nics to drop offline. Have you tried limiting the number of utorrent connections into the system and the upload / download limits on utorrent to see if that has any effect?


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Did limiting the number of connections that utorrent uses help resolve the issue?
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