Western Digital External Drive - XP wont recogise it.

I purchased a Western Digital My Book Essential 2.0 320gb about a month ago and 3 days ago it stopped being recognized by XP. I plug in the USB cable on the drive and it pops up with "USB Device Not Recognized."

I have tried using it in a different computer, a different USB cable, installing and uninstalling the WD Drive Manager and Formatting utility, it doesn't appear in either nor does it appear in the windows drive manager and it only appears in the windows Device Manager as an Unknown device .

An odd thing I've noticed is that if I unplug the power supply on  the drive and plug it back in while windows is running it doesn't pop-up the "USB Device Not Recognized" prompt.
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Delphineous SilverwingConnect With a Mentor Good Ol' GeekCommented:
It sounds like the drive or the enclosure have failed... Contact technical support.  If you bought it a month ago it is still under warranty.
The drive is toast.

The reason that the message doesn't pop up with the power supply disconnected is that enclosure and drive are electrically turned off when the power supply is disconnected.

With smaller drives the power comes through the usb connection, but not with the large drives.

Contact tech support since it should still be under warranty.

Good Luck !
Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
CAUTION - When you send the drive to technical support, they will not recover the data for you - consider it lost.  If the data is important (the only copy); then you need to weigh the cost/risk of sending it for data recovery.  Data recovery efforts will void your warranty.
Good point !

Also, it is not likely that you will be able to recover the data on your own.  You will likely need to send it to one of the data recovery services that will cost hundreds of dollars...

I say this because from your symptoms, it seems that the enclosure is working, but the drive is dead.  Unless you can see the drive, none of the available tools will be able to recover the data.
I believe that my answer gave a better trouble shooting path to determine if it is the drive or the enclosure which is bad.
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